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Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall

Snitch by the Thieves

Words: Lee Ai Peng Photos: Monica Tindall

If you are on the lookout for a perfect hideaway to take refuge from the throng of shoppers at The Gardens or Midvalley Mall, Snitch by the Thieves is perhaps your best bet. Designed to cater for a range of predilections, Snitch by the Thieves occupies 8000 square feet of space comprising a family-friendly indoor area perfect for all-day dining, a breezy outdoor verandah that accommodates live band performances on weekends and also a secret lair that houses the After Dark Social Club.

Though newly-opened, Snitch by the Thieves was already teeming with eager brunch-goers when we arrived on a Saturday mid-morning. Tables creaked under the weight of lattes, French toasts and attractively plated breakfasts, a signature from the same artistic minds that brought us Breakfast Thieves in APW, Bangsar.

Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall
Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall
Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall
Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall
Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall
Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall

Snitch by the Thieves – Brunch Menu

Clearly meant to be a safe space to trade secrets, a glance through Snitch’s brunch menu finds us in the good company of infamous mobsters, spies and marauders alike. Brunch with Frank Costello (Baked Eggs, Rancheros Sauce and Beef Meatballs, RM 25) of The Departed infamy would have been an interesting affair though Clyde Barrow (Eggs Benedict with 12 Hour Braised Beef Brisket, RM 25) could just have easily stolen precious stomach space.

In the end, it was the flirtatious Betty Boop (breakfast board with cheese toast, avocado, poached eggs, chicken sausage and coconut chia pudding, RM 25) that won us over. It is difficult to go wrong with perfectly poached eggs on a melted cheese toastie and a generous serving of avocado. I loved the inclusion of the light and creamy chia pudding with fresh fruits as the coconut overtones provided some natural sweetness to round out a wholesome breakfast.

Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall
Betty Boop

Snitch by the Thieves also offers a wide-ranging selection of vegetarian options. We were treated to Madame Vego Croque (RM 22), a delightful version of a Croque Monsieur sans ham, with fluffy scrambled eggs, asparagus, and sweet corn kernels on the side. Each bite of the sandwich oozed out butter and crème Dijon cheddar, as the use of puff pastry bread in place of brioche proved to be a revelation.

Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall
Madame Vego Croque

Snitch by the Thieves – All Day Dining Menu

In creating Snitch’s all-day menu, chef and co-founder Brandon Chin confessed it was his late mother who told him to dig deep into his Asian roots for inspiration. As a classically trained chef, he found the task daunting but was adamant he honoured her wishes. The menu is impressively extensive, incorporating local perennial favourites from Kampung Mee Jawa (RM17) to Monk’s Yee Mee (RM 23) and Nasi Goreng Kampung (RM 23).

Even with a broad selection of offerings, the team at Snitch by the Thieves ensures each dish is packed with flavour. The Moo Moo rice bowl (RM 24) with medium-rare ribeye, 62-degree egg and crisp potatoes seemed deceptively unassuming. I thoroughly enjoyed, however, the textural firmness of the brown rice after mixing it through with extremely tasty garlic and herb yoghurt, onion jam and the egg.

Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall
Moo Moo

Perhaps one of the most difficult dishes to execute would be the Malaysia Curry Laksa (RM 17) as Malaysians would have already set an impossibly high benchmark for a dish they hold dear to their hearts. Snitch’s laksa broth was sufficiently fragrant with a good balance of spice from the belacan powder. It came with generous servings of yellow noodles and bee hoon, tender chicken slices, prawns, beancurd skin and french beans. Meanwhile, I kept going back for those super moreish crispy school prawns.

Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall
Malaysia Curry Laksa

Snitch by the Thieves – Drinks Menu

Creativity reigns behind the bar at Snitch by the Thieves as the bartenders-cum-baristas doled out delicious smoothies, shakes, fizz and quenchers in quick succession. Who can resist Little Sweet Anne (RM16), a delicious caramel vanilla shake with salty notes from the crushed pretzels and Murray river pink salt? We also loved the Granoberry (RM 17), which as the name suggests consisted of granola, strawberries, yoghurt and Canadian maple blitzed into a delightful smoothie. For lighter, more refreshing drinks on a scorching hot day, we would happily recommend Summer Paradise (RM 14, orange, pineapple, strawberry and lime) and Pineapple Green Tea (RM 14) to quench your thirst.

Best cafe Mid Valley
Little Sweet Anne
Best cafe Mid Valley
great cafe Bangsar
Summer Paradise
Best cafe Mid Valley
Pineapple Green Tea

Snitch by the Thieves – Dessert Menu

With a skilled in-house pastry chef, dessert is more than just a mere afterthought at Snitch by the Thieves. Take a chance on their Carrot and Apple (RM 13), a delectably moist cake topped with candied walnuts and tangy carrot cream cheese frosting. We were also drawn in by the visually stunning Dark Choc & Black Sesame Tart (RM 19), mesmerized by the whites of the cream Chantilly and the reds of the raspberries pitted against a backdrop of glossy dark chocolate ganache. Yes, it also tasted amazing.

Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall
Carrot and Apple
Snitch by the Thieves, The Gardens Mall
Dark Choc & Black Sesame Tart

Snitch by the Thieves Review

We feel Chef Brandon and his team have done his mom proud, offering familiarity and comfort by cleverly incorporating warm, Asian flavours into their repertoire. Brunch still remains a standout, with tiny nuances that lend a touch of sophistication to classic dishes.

Reasons to visit Snitch by the Thieves: Great for large groups of friends and family as their inclusive menu ensures there’s something for everyone. Creative drinks and delicious desserts to satiate that sweet tooth.

Snitch by the Thieves
T-225 A&B, The Gardens Mall
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 03 22019699

Snitch by the Thieves Opening Hours

Daily, from 9 am till late

Kitchen Operating Hours

Daily, from 9 am till 10 p.m.

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  1. All refreshing drinks and entrees that looks delicious yet light so as not to feel too full. That Malaysia Curry Laksa is to die for.

  2. Oh wow! This is a place my brother and I must visit soon. I would be very happy with the Betty Boop, it looks healthy and then I can indulge in the desserts!

  3. Wish avocados were more affordable here

    Coffee is on

  4. Wowwww!!! So many people! I’d go for the curry laksa.

  5. I look back at my dining experience at Breakfast Thieves with much fondness, so I’m pretty sure this will not disappoint either. Yes, you’re right, I do have an incredibly high benchmark for curry laksa which I hold dear to my heart 🙂

  6. The Malaysia curry laksa got my attention. I am curious and would like to try the pineapple tea. Yummy cakes.

  7. Strange name, but it looks like the food is really yummy and they appear to cater for everyone. Cheers Diane

  8. Must have blood cockles in the laksa lah.
    Otherwise not authentic.;)

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