Breakfast Chow Kit

Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL, Brunch in Chow Kit

Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL

Words: Shaun Humphries   Photos: Rich Callahan

My long weekend mornings are usually pretty lazy affairs – sleep in, coffee and maybe a slow walk/run depending on my alcohol consumption the night before.

Our recent visit to Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL was a definite detour from my routine. When I shuffled inside the bright and open space, and smelled the freshly brewed coffee and heard the eggs sizzling, however, I knew it was going to be a welcomed change.

Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL

With exposed brick walls and floors, ground to ceiling windows, and giant, colourful tapestries hanging from the high ceilings, it was hard for me to believe the space was an open-air carpark only a few months ago.

brunch chow kit
brunch chow kit
Barista Bar
brunch chow kit
Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL

Brunch in Chow Kit

The brainchild of Tan Boon Wy (PS150, Eight Ounce Coffee), Rise and Shine opened its doors in June and is a tribute to the vibrant, resurgent and ever-evolving Chow Kit neighbourhood. Looking over the menu, I could see the café’s philosophy shine through: subtly intertwining breakfast and lunch dishes, flavours and spices from East and West.

Impressed and comfortable in my surroundings, it was time to sample the dishes created by Boon Wy and his team of chefs.

As with all good brunches, we started with coffee. And thankfully, our caffeine fix was in good hands with Eight Ounce Coffee being served. We actually were presented with a sort of coffee buffet! A Flat White (RM13) complete with decorative latte art, a sweet and bold Manuka Nitro Cold Brew (RM18) and a strong, flavourful Long Black (RM10), (of which I drank two), were on the list.

Breakfast Chow Kit
Hot Chocolate and Coffee

Also on our drink carousel, was a rich, creamy Hot Chocolate (RM15) made from Malaysian grown and processed beans. We also enjoyed a thick, flavourful and healthy-tasting Oriental Juice (RM13) consisting of mango, beetroot, ginger and basil.

Breakfast Chow Kit
Manuka Nitro Cold Brew and Oriental Juice

Breakfast Cocktails in Chow Kit

Later on in the meal, we made the switch from caffeine and sugar to straight-up booze. Both the Bloody Mary (RM36) and Mimosa (RM40) were perfect additions to the brunch experience and provided the gentle buzz required for a long weekend morning.

Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL
Bloody Mary
Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL

Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL Menu

Moving from the liquids to the solids, we were first served from the Flavours of the Month (FOM) section of the menu. The Avocado Smoothie Bowl (RM23) was a creamy, crunchy, cool and subtle-tasting mixture. It also included bananas, strawberries, blueberries, granola, pomegranate and chia seeds. It’s a dish that definitely fulfilled my daily fruit intake.

Breakfast Chow Kit
Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Another FOM, the French Toast (RM28), made with brioche and served with fresh berries, strawberry compote and Earl Grey gula Melaka was absolutely delicious and went great with a generous side of Sarsi-glazed beef bacon (RM8). I had no idea what it was, but it turns out Sarsi-glazed is both sweet and savoury – fused with the addicting taste of sarsaparilla.

Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL
French Toast

Up next was the Rise and Shine Eggs Benedict (RM28). It featured poached, free-range kampung eggs on bubble and squeak with beetroot-cured salmon. A topping of bunga kantan (torch ginger) hollandaise sauce was a creative and tasty way to bring Malaysian flavours to a Western brunch staple.

Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL
Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL Eggs Benedict

Taking a break from the eggs, we dove into a piece of freshly baked Banana Bread (RM20) complete with homemade pumpkin kaya and almond butter. I definitely ate more of the spreads than I did of the bread, but that’s just the way I roll.

Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL
Banana Bread

The Field of Mushrooms (RM25) was a unique, surprisingly filling choice made with grilled edamame beans, fried plantains and poached, free-range kampung eggs on homemade sourdough bread. It’s a great mixture of tastes and textures.

Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL
Field of Mushrooms

Inspired by Tan Boon Wy’s father, our final dish was The Hainan (RM22). It consisted of soft-scrambled eggs creatively spiced with coffee powder, served with toast soldiers. Made even more luscious with house-made pumpkin kaya, charred heirloom tomatoes and truffle butter, this was one of my favourite brekkie items at Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL

Breakfast Chow Kit
The Hainan

Dessert at Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL

We finished the meal off with a gigantic, three-layer piece of moist Carrot Walnut Cake (RM16). Not too sweet or rich, it was a satisfying way to end our brunching adventure and look forward to our week ahead… burning off the calories on the treadmill.

Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL
Carrot Walnut Cake

Reasons to visit Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL: A vibrant and comfortable atmosphere that offers unique twists on both Malaysian and Western brunch. A great way to spend a long weekend with family and friends sharing familiar food that tastes slightly different (but just as delicious) with excellent coffee as a bonus.

Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL
28 Jalan Kamunting, Chow Kit
50300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rise and Shine by Tapestry KL Opening Hours
From 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 5:30 pm on weekends.

* Watch for a Tapestry KL bar and a dinner spot opening in the same location very soon.

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  1. What a beautiful establishment with its eye-catching brickwork and tile floors! I love the long hanging pendant lights and tapestries as well. I can smell that warm-toasted banana bread.

  2. This is one place that I must make a point to visit!

  3. Loving the indoor greens!

  4. Didn’t know there’s such a nice place in Chow Kit. Nice name too, Tapestry. Makes me think of Carole King and Don Mclean.

  5. To be able to take photos of a near empty cafe + not having to queue, you must have gotten there pretty early……you really had to rise & shine for this! O_o We enjoyed almost everything that you had (except for the cake). Glad to hear that they’ll be opening for dinner soon 🙂

  6. It seems an amazing place!

  7. Love the carrot walnut cake. Lovely photos. Sorry not visiting much. Just a very busy time for us. Cheers Diane

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