Fried Chicken Burger Recipe

Fried Chicken Burger Recipe, Chef MJ Keli

Fried Chicken Burger Recipe

The Yum List asked chefs around Kuala Lumpur what’s cooking in their kitchens during Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO). Today, Chef MJ Keli from Portofino shares his recipe for a Fried Chicken Burger.


– Two chicken breast (marinated with salt & pepper)
– Two burger buns
– 500g of breadcrumbs
– 3 eggs
– Butter
– Oil for frying

– Tablespoon of mayonnaise
– Tablespoon of Kewpie sesame dressing
– A dash of spicy sauce from Portofino or any hot sauce

To Garnish
– Leafy greens
– Tomatoes
– Any type of cheese

Step by Step Instructional Video

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  1. Made burgers twice during this MCO. First time, I made own chicken and beef patties. Second time which was yesterday, I used the ready made patties.

    Burgers are good alternative to rice and noodles. And the kids like it. They enjoy make and assemble their own burgers. ^^

  2. That looks simple enough. Gotta grab some burger buns the next time I go out.

  3. I cannot remember the last time I had a burger, we eat very little bread despite the fact then French eat it all the time at every meal!! Take care, cheers Diane

  4. I don’t usually deep fry at home.
    Too much effort to clean up afterwards. 😉
    Laziness, I know.

  5. A delicious recipe with a great sauce! I love that sesame seed bun with the multi-color seeds. I’ve only come across the white seeded vaiety.

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