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The Blockbunsters, Burgers at Knowhere

The Blockbunsters: Knowhere the Pun Is

Words: T.Jay  Photos: Monica Tindall

There is no question that no matter what anyone thinks about COVID-19, it has changed our experiences in life, for now. One of the industries hit hardest is undoubtedly the restaurant and hotel market. The now and future is being shaped by the ability to react, adapt and show high resiliency.

The Blockbunsters is an adaptative response to our current times. The lockdown made food delivery a necessity. Knowhere reacted and created a burger menu for delivery. Burgers travel well, and the goal was to provide food that tastes the same as if you were dining in. Currently, The Blockbunsters menu is being served at Knowhere during the RMCO, but there is a food truck in the works (spoiler alert.)

But first… drinks

I think my grandmother told me that gin is medicine and in keeping with that spirit (pun fully intended,) Knowhere has a fantastic range of gins at very reasonable prices. I spied one on the menu that I had never tried before: As de Picos Classic (RM24) is a small batch gin hailing from Spain. While this London Dry style gin is new to the market, having been first released in 2016, it has already received multiple awards. It is both aromatic and dry, containing more than 15 botanicals. There are certainly complementary notes of cinnamon in the gin.

The 1724 Tonic that accompanied our cocktail is also a product of Spanish origin. The name originated from the exact altitude where quinine was discovered 1,724m above sea level along the Inca Trail, in the Andes mountains of South America. The tonic has a pleasantly bitter taste with delicate bubbles.

The Blockbunsters
As de Picos Classic & 1724 Tonic

The Blockbunsters Menu

All of the names on the burger menu are cleverly written cinematic puns. The Fast and Falafel (RM25) is a trio of mini vegetarian sandwiches. Deep-fried chickpea patties are equally crisp on the outside as they are moist and soft inside. A red capsicum pesto and Greek-style white cheese round out the flavours. A nice choice for vegetarians and an item not often seen in KL.

All the sandwiches come with roasted garlic aioli and a mixture of steak fries and French fries coated in a secret seasoning mix.

Burgers Bangsar
The Fast and Falafel

One of the most popular burger items on the menu is the Priyanka Claw-pra (RM32), which turns out to be a double entendre. The first meaning of the play on words is the claw of the crab for crab cake. The second part of the pun loosely translates to Priyanka is trying to confuse you. Are you confused yet?

The sandwich was inspired by crab curry. The crab cake is made with imported lump crab and claw meat. The little cakes have large pieces of lump crab and are highly seasoned with curry powder and garam masala. The mini sandwiches are topped with curry aioli, peach salsa and a fried curry leaf. It certainly tastes like a crab curry on a bun! I wish the peach salsa was more pronounced because it would make a nice contrast to the spice.

The Blockbunsters
Priyanka Claw-pra – The Blockbunsters

Other burgers on The Blockbunsters menu include Hasta La Beefsta (RM29); a beef burger with mushrooms, peppers, beef bacon and lettuce. Flight Club (RM25) contains karaage chicken, chilli garlic sauce and rocket. For my veggie friends, Peter Bello Parker (RM25) adds ratatouille plus cheese and yoghurt sauce to keep this sandwich juicy. And lastly from the Slide Kicks section of the menu, the Hasta La Beefsta, Baby (RM29) are mini slider versions of the big brother.

Burgers Bangsar
Peter Bello Parker
The Blockbunsters Bangsar
Flight Club
The Blockbunsters
Hasta La Beefsta – The Blockbunsters
The Blockbunsters
Hasta La Beefsta, Baby

More Gin, Please

We round off our meal with another unique gin on the list, G’Vine Gin Floraison (RM32). This is a French gin distilled from grapes of the Cognac region instead of traditional grains. The addition of vine blossoms added during the maceration of the grapes creates a floral aroma while drinking. The addition of ten herbs and botanicals to the brandy base create a unique drinking experience from beginning to end. The taste is light and floral while delicate oils coat the tongue, allowing the flavours to linger just a bit.

Burgers Bangsar
G’Vine Gin Floraison

Reasons to visit The Blockbunsters: A slightly quirky vibe with a good gin list at a reasonable price. Burgers of different shapes, sizes and flavours. Remember, being Knowhere is somewhere.

The Blockbunsters at Knowhere
50 Jalan Maarof
Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
+60 10 220 2358
Hours: 11am -? Due to changing conditions, it is best to call ahead for hours of operation.

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  1. The patty is so thick!!! I like the personalised bun! Nice touch.

  2. I am not a burger fan but these might even convince me they they are pretty good 🙂 As for the gin it is probably the only drink that I don’t drink. Not because I do not like it, but I get very depressed and tearful after drinking it for some unknown reason!
    Stay safe and keep well, Diane

  3. Delicious burgers that are hard to forget with those cute names!

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