Unboxing Trend - The Great Unwrap in Kuala Lumpur

Unboxing Trend – The Great Unwrap in Kuala Lumpur

Unboxing Trend – The Great Unwrap in Kuala Lumpur

Monica Tindall

Gifting food and other treats has blossomed as a trend over the pandemic. With physical and social contact limited, friends and families found different ways to connect. A community of care was fostered and businesses in KL, trying to stay afloat, adapted brilliantly to assist. “Unboxing” videos went viral, and sending and receiving packages became the new norm for uplifting others and self.

The ingenuity of small business in Kuala Lumpur is admirable. We saw (and continue to see) an incredible variety of items dressed for the great unwrap. Anything from flavoured butter to overnight oats, cookies to lobster, wine and plants and an endless supply of baked goods were prettied up for delivery. Food delivery was no longer just receiving a meal in a takeaway container but an event worth readying cameras for.

Unboxing Trend – The Great Unwrap in Kuala Lumpur

The team at Skillet KL have been consistently upping their game over the pandemic. They’ve turned the unboxing trend into an art form. As much as possible is packed in cardboard boxes, avoiding plastic and creating a classier, organic feel to the packaging. Designer stickers and bows (easily undone by pulling a single ribbon – very important for an unboxing video) open up to even more attractive food. They take the unboxer on a journey from start to finish.

Below are a few examples of what Skillet KL currently has available for delivery – brilliant examples of why the unboxing trend is so popular.

Fisherman’s Tart (RM 128) – Homemade catch-of-the-day tart with a tomato base sauce, pate brisee and cheese in an incredibly fine and buttery shell. It’s a showstopper. I gasped out loud in awe of its beauty upon lifting the lid.

Unboxing Trend - The Great Unwrap in Kuala Lumpur
Fisherman’s Tart – Unboxing Trend KL

Escargot with Garlic Pesto Tart (RM 48) – Escargot have never looked this pretty. Oven-baked Poitou-Charente escargot are combined with garlic pesto and candlenut crumble in a black charcoal pâte brisée.

Unboxing Trend - The Great Unwrap in Kuala Lumpur
Escargot with Garlic Pesto Tart

Ratatouille (RM 45) – The time and skill of constructing the swirl of shaved veggies are commendable. This twist on the classic Provençal summer vegetable stew comes in a house-made pâte feuilletée with French cultured butter.

Skillet KL FMCO Menu

Sticky Date Pudding (RM 98, 560 g) – I can’t imagine possibly making the presentation of English sticky date pudding any more fetching. The toffee sauce is hidden underneath, and a wreathe of dried flowers and leaves surround the dessert.

Sticky Date Pudding
Sticky Date Pudding – Unboxing Trend KL

Gift Box – Sambal Butter, Truffle Mushroom Butter, Chicken Liver Pâté – Lastly, even butter is made beautiful in petite jars with crepe paper and a black ribbon, perfect for those who want to jump on the unboxing trend in KL.

Skillet Gift Set
Gift Box


Besides acing the unboxing trend in KL, the team at Skillet have a June giveaway! The first 20 customers who order RM 150 worth of takeaway from the restaurant in a single order will be entitled to a taster set of Skillet’s favourite spreads (Truffle Mushroom Butter, Chicken Liver Pâté & Sambal Butter).

Visit https://order.skilletkl.com/menu or WhatsApp them on +6 019 2121 240 for takeaway and delivery!

What do you think of the unboxing trend in Kuala Lumpur? Have you given or received any more treats than usual over the pandemic? What items are your favourites to unbox?

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  1. That Fisherman’s Tart looks intriguing! Never had prawns in pastry before. Interesting.
    Love those boxes! I cringe at the sight of all that plastic many places use for their food deliveries.

  2. Making my mouth water.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. It making my mouth water
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  4. Wow the dishes all look amazing but the Ratatouille is a complete work of art. Have a great weekend, cheers, Diane

  5. The ratatouille is bursting with colour.

  6. That Ratatouille is too beautiful to eat! It’s like a work of art. Who knew such delicious entrees could be unboxed?!

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