Brunch in PJ, Seventeen Mall

Brunch in PJ – Superfine KL, Seventeen Mall

Brunch in PJ – Superfine KL

Words: Amanda Chin & Monica Tindall
Photos: Richard Callahan

Much to Monica’s disappointment, the owners of Superfine KL, Larry and Kennix, have yet to return to Ampang since closing Lolla Co in Amp Walk. However, we can all vouch that Superfine KL in Seventeen Mall, PJ, continues to provide plenty of reasons to hike across the city. From awesome pizza to porky ingredients and veg options, tacos (!), a menu that morphs from day to night, excellent coffee, house-brewed kombucha, craft beer and wine, and now the addition of their new brunch menu – there are plenty of reasons to hop on over to Petaling Jaya.

Brunch in PJ, Seventeen Mall
Superfine KL, Seventeen Mall – Brunch in PJ
Superfine KL Section 17 Petaling Jaya
Superfine KL
Brunch in PJ, Seventeen Mall
Superfine KL Section 17 Petaling Jaya

Superfine KL, Seventeen Mall

Superfine KL is bright and welcoming, a respite for shoppers in Seventeen Mall, and also a destination worth coming to all on its own merits. The bold colours and patterned tiles support this outlet’s vibrancy, and the plant-lined patio is a pleasant alfresco space early morning or evening. Parking is easy in the mall itself, or take a Grab and plan on lingering a little longer with some craft beer and a glass or more of wine. 

Brunch in PJ – Drinks

Superfine KL has built a fine reputation for excellent coffee and home-brewed kombucha. These should be on every order. Coffee is well-balanced with a slightly acidic finish, and the foam is always well-textured. Kombucha (RM18) flavours are seasonal, and during this visit, we enjoyed Red Apple and Strawberry. The team go beyond a simple pour and garnishes each glass to complement the flavours. We’re especially fond of the asam boi (salted, dried plum) salt that rims the glass of the Red Apple. 

Brunch in PJ, Seventeen Mall
Coffee Perfection
Superfine KL Section 17 Petaling Jaya
Kombucha – Brunch in PJ

Craft beer is a popular drink at Superfine KL, and guests seem to find fun in choosing from the assorted inventive labels from the beer fridge. Wine lovers can now also find a place with the introduction of a compact list of wine by the glass and bottle, that includes several organic labels. 

Rosé slays (at least that’s been Mon’s cry for southeast Asia for the past decade), and Larry is happy to oblige with Château la Mascaronne, Rosé, 2020 (RM178). Château la Mascaronne is owned by renowned entrepreneur Michel Reybier (also the owner of Chateau Cos D’Estournel & some of the most high-end hotels, spas and villas in the world). The organic wine is pale pink in the glass with stone fruit and white flowers in its bouquet. It’s smooth on the palate with an elegant structure and fresh finish. This is easily quaffed on its own but does better with food, such as the salmon and clams we’re about to indulge in.

Brunch in PJ, Seventeen Mall
Château la Mascaronne, Rosé, 2020

Superfine KL – Brunch in PJ

We began brunch in PJ with Somewhere Beautiful (RM46), and it really looked as the title suggests. Luxurious pieces of pink salmon crowned a toasted sesame bagel with a generous amount of whipped dill-cream cheese and capers sprinkled with edible flowers.

Superfine KL Section 17 Petaling Jaya
Somewhere Beautiful

Mascarpone Hotcakes (RM32) was as equally beautiful and just as satisfying. The thick, fluffy rounds were stacked high in a tower of temptation. They looked like they might be a sugar overload, but they were surprisingly light. The mascarpone cheese gave a rich, creamy texture, while the strawberry compote and pistachio crumble contributed fruity sweetness and crunch.

Superfine KL Section 17 Petaling Jaya
Mascarpone Hotcakes – Brunch in PJ

Taco and Tuesday naturally go together, but so does every other day of the week when tacos are as good as Superfine’s Beef Birria Tacos (RM35). The slow-cooked Angus beef was served in flour tortillas cooked until crisp and loaded with melted Gouda cheese. Accompanying this ensemble was the birria (a Mexican-style soup), in which you can dip the tacos and then drink up the remains.

Superfine KL Section 17 Petaling Jaya
Beef Birria Tacos

Just when we thought we must have eaten all the highlights, out came the Pork Carnitas Pasta (RM32). Yes, you heard that right, slow-roasted pulled pork shoulder cooked in citrus and lard and served with tagliatelle pasta covered in Pecorino Romano. Pasta and pork is the ultimate combo. However, seafood and pasta are also not bad! The Clams in Bianco (RM35) is proof with fresh white clams and tagliatelle cooked in natural white wine and dashi stock alongside Italian sun-dried tomatoes. If anything, it screamed White Lotus in Italy for me. 

Brunch in PJ, Seventeen Mall
Pork Carnitas Pasta
Brunch in PJ, Seventeen Mall
Clams in Bianco – Brunch in PJ

How many carbs are too many? Well, if they’re in a pork burger, then clearly, there is never enough. The Pork Chorizo Burger (RM32) was indeed fun to eat. The burger came with a grilled pork patty that had hints of spice with some lettuce, sundried tomatoes and garlic mayo. It also had a melted slice of real cheddar cheese, which made every bite mouthwatering. Additionally, the fries were very munchable with their crispy exterior and fluffy inside.

Superfine KL Section 17 Petaling Jaya
Pork Chorizo Burger

If you ask me, Superfine KL has nailed their brunch in PJ menu, but if you need more proof, say hello to our last plate, Eggs Benedict with Pulled Pork (RM34). Served on a split, toasted sesame bagel and slathered in brown butter, the pulled pork made the filling between bread and egg. Two beautifully poached eggs oozed their orange yolk as we sliced in, and we made sure to wipe up every last drop of the dill hollandaise.

Brunch in PJ, Seventeen Mall
Eggs Benedict with Pulled Pork

Thanks a Brunch

If you live nearby Section 17, lucky you; this could become a weekly affair! If not, Superfine KL’s new brunch menu in PJ is worth the trip. It’s one of the rare restaurants that have gotten everything right. We’re yet to find something we don’t like on the menu, and continue our petition for their return to Ampang.

Reasons to try Superfine KL’s brunch menu in PJ: exceptional tacos, flavourful pasta, succulent hotcakes, tasty kombucha, excellent coffee, a lovely plant-lined patio, craft beer and a newly added selection of wine. 

Brunch in PJ, Seventeen Mall
Brunch in PJ Menu

Superfine KL – Brunch in PJ
Seventeen Mall
L01-L02, Jalan 17/38, Seksyen 17
46400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
· Non-halal

Superfine KL Opening Hours
Daily: 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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  1. Somewhere beautiful is indeed beautiful but no, I think I’d stick to my favourite breakfast choice, the Egg Benedict!

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