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Bistro & Oyster Bar – Bait Bangsar – New Menu

Bistro & Oyster Bar, Bangsar

Words: Jacob Weber
Photos: Rich Callahan

Batman and Robin. Nike and Jordan.

Oysters and… Happy Hour?

Some combinations are less predictable than others but work just as well as the best of them.

And Bait has really perfected that particular recipe. And now, they’re adding brunch – so it’s even better.

You’d expect nothing less from over a decade on the dining scene in KL. Bait was born in 2012 after two friends bemoaned the lack of fresh seafood dining in the city – and how they’ve changed that. It’s been a big name in Bangsar since the beginning, in pride of place on the bustling Jalan Telawi 3, and a new outlet in Desa Park opened in July 2022.

That outlet introduced Bait’s brunch menu for the first time, which was a resounding success. So much so they brought it to Bangsar, where we’ve come to try it out. They’ve also launched a new Lunch Set Menu (Weekdays 12-4 pm; RM25/29/35++) and Kid’s Menu – I guess they were on a roll.

Oyster Bar & Bistro
Bait Bangsar
Oyster Bar & Bistro
Bistro & Oyster Bar
Oyster Bar & Bistro
Bistro & Oyster Bar
Oyster Bar & Bistro
Seafood Restaurant Bangsar

Bistro & Oyster Bar, Bangsar

Bait is unpretentious but deals in unbelievable quality, with all the quiet confidence that comes from keeping an establishment at the top of the Telawi tree for this long. They’ve done this thanks to internal policies – no frozen food or stock-up ingredients here – and external partners, both local and international. The bread is the infamous Yeast’s incredible sourdough; the oysters are air-flown fresh from Ireland, thanks to Southern Rock.

It’s a pleasant semi-alfresco set-up with a cosy indoor seating area, an ideal smart-casual spot for a sunny Sunday morning. We meet Chef Justin, who is working his magic with the menu to make it more palatable for local and Western preferences alike.

Breakfast Menu

We’re introduced to Bait’s new brunch menu with the Manhattan Toast (RM28) – and it sets rather high expectations for the rest of the new arrivals. It’s a hearty and rewarding plate of delicious sourdough, scrambled eggs of a perfect, velvety consistency, and a generous helping of home-brined corned beef.

Bait Bangsar
Manhattan Toast

The Turkish Cauliflower Hash & Eggs (RM32) is an equally filling vegetarian-friendly version: baked eggs and herb-marinated roasted cauliflower with peppers on top of that excellent sourdough. You can even remove the eggs and cheese to make it suitable for vegans – bonus points to Bait for inclusivity.

Bait Bangsar
Turkish Cauliflower Hash & Eggs

For even bigger appetites, there are also meaty and meat-free versions of a ‘big breakfast’. We don’t actually get these for ourselves this time around, but the Vege Delight Big Breakie (RM36) and Bait’s Hearty Breakfast (RM42) sure sound very good. Next time!

Instead, consummate professionals that we are, we’re leaving room for some small plates and main meals from the rest of the menu. We do order some coffee, though, which comes with nicely foamed tops and some cute latte art. Very stylish but lacking a little substance, if we’re honest. There’s a hint of slightly burnt beans, and if there was any area for improvement in the breakfast drinks department, it would be these hot beverages.

Oyster Bar & Bistro
Cute Coffee

Small Plates

The Roasted Pumpkin and Feta Dip (RM22) gets things firmly back on track. Roasted pumpkin and butternut squash combine beautifully as a rich, sweet and creamy dip, with a little honey for extra sweetness and topped with crushed almonds and crumbled feta. It’s served with sourdough bread, which is more co-star than supporting act. Highly recommended to share if you can bring yourself to share it.

Bait Bangsar
Roasted Pumpkin and Feta Dip

If you like tuna, you will love the Seared Tuna Ahi and Avocado Salad (RM42). In fact, unless you specifically dislike tuna, you’ll love the salad. The fresh tuna slices are perfectly seared, preserving their perfect deep-red colour, and served on top of avocado and light greens with a gentle balsamic drizzle. It’s light and fresh, and the quality of the produce speaks for itself. The tuna is from Indonesia, and it’s seared in a simple, homemade teriyaki sauce with roasted sesame.

Bait Bangsar
Seared Tuna Ahi and Avocado Salad

Bistro & Oyster Bar

The salad is the warm-up act for the star of the seafood show: Bait’s famous fresh oysters. Now that the outlet is open for breakfast, the Oyster Happy Hour – your choice of three varieties of a half-dozen oysters and the option to add three glasses of house-pouring wine for a top-up (pun intended) – runs from 8 am to 5 pm. I’ll leave it up to you to decide when it’s appropriate to include the wine.

We go for the Sampler Plate (2 oysters of each type for RM79), and they’re all just as good as you’d expect from the signature item. Super fresh and served with great condiments- a welcome addition – if unnecessary for the purist.

Oyster Bar & Bistro
Sampler Plate


Staying on trend, we dig into the Seafood Risotto (RM45) next; mussels, clams and prawns with arborio rice cooked in a rich stock featuring tomato for a little colour and squid stew for that additional depth. It’s unique, and very well-balanced, and the risotto is the perfect texture. Great as a main or something to share, as long as you’re honest about splitting the seafood and don’t steal your partner’s prawns.

Bait Bangsar
Seafood Risotto

The Pan-Seared Barramundi (RM45) has more than a touch of a classic Italian dish about it, which is not a bad thing at all. There’s a really nice crispy skin on the tender fish, with the rich texture of pork crackling, and the fresh basil pesto tops things off beautifully.
The Chef’s Special changes monthly; we were lucky enough to catch the Dover sole (another pun intended), which is pan-seared to flaky, fall-off-the-fork perfection and served with a generous helping of clams.

Oyster Bar & Bistro
Pan-Seared Barramundi
Oyster Bar & Bistro
Chef’s Special

We briefly divert from the seafood for something from the Asian menu: the hearty Beef Bowl Rice (RM45), strips of tender beef over comforting egg fried rice and a runny egg yolk. The beef is actually premium Australian grain-fed rib eye, but we’re not going to make a fuss about that.

Oyster Bar & Bistro
Beef Bowl Rice

Bistro & Oyster Bar – Dessert

For dessert, the Burnt Cheesecake (RM16) is a very satisfying way to end our meal. The delicious in-house recipe comes with a homemade granola topping for some extra crispiness on the creamy mouthful. A perfect slice of cheesecake, really.

Oyster Bar & Bistro
Burnt Cheesecake

Drinks at Bait – Bistro & Oyster Bar

The new brunch menu doesn’t just feature new food items; some new drinks have been added too, and specially designed for Bangsarians no less. The Detox Drinks collection is the perfect start to the morning after the night before in Telawi, so Bait has all bases covered.

One sip of the Vitamin C Booster (RM25), and you’ll be glowing as bright as this sunny little beverage. It’s juicy, sweet, and filled with interesting tangy combinations of the apple, carrot, citrus, and, surprisingly, bell pepper.

The Hangover Cure (RM25) is also refreshing, but in a very different, earthier, spicier way, thanks to the ginger, beetroot and celery. You can sweeten it with honey if you need some extra sugar after a night on the tiles.

If it’s been a really big night, the Liver Tonic (RM25) is on hand to settle and soothe your poor stomach. It certainly feels healthy going down; a rich, fortifying, silky-smooth texture from the yoghurt and almond milk.

Oyster Bar & Bistro
Vitamin C Booster
Oyster Bar & Bistro
Liver Tonic
Bait Bangsar
Hangover Cure

Having sampled all of these, I feel confidently immune to whatever alcoholic beverage comes next. That’s how it works, right?

(Note: it does not).

But the temptation is too great to miss out on sampling something stronger even at 10 am on a Sunday, so we order a Passionfruit Collins (RM38), simple and refreshing, with just three ingredients (gin, passionfruit, and fresh lime juice) doing the heavy lifting.
There’s a hefty half of passionfruit as a garnish, too. The Pink Pony (RM38) gets a sharp sour kick from the grapefruit, which combines well with the subtle citrus and aromatic scents of Aperol. It’s worth noting that all cocktails come with double shots – more bonus points for Bait.

Bait Bangsar
Passionfruit Collins
Bait Bangsar
Pink Pony

We couldn’t resist checking out the house wine either (RM59/3 glasses), dedicated as we are to the cause. For the white, a Sartori di Verona Love Story Pinot Grigio 2021, a crisp Italian wine with green apple and citrus notes, which goes down very nicely on a sunny day. The red is a 2019 GMH Family Selection Red Blend, a vibrant, Shiraz-dominant blend with plums and blackberries on the nose with a tight finish. From the lobster to the lamb, these two will go well with anything on Bait’s menu.

Bait Bangsar
Sartori di Verona Love Story Pinot Grigio 2021
Bait Bangsar
2019 GMH Family Selection Red Blend

Brunch Review at Bait, Bangsar

Adding brunch to Bait’s Bangsar menu looks like a brilliant move. It’s long been a lunch-to-late-night favourite (in no small part thanks to the infamous afternoon Happy Hour Wine & Oyster special). Now it seems set to prove a popular spot for an excellent mid-morning meal or even something a little stronger. No judgement here – it’s Telawi tradition, after all.

Reasons to visit: now an excellent all-dining dining option; vegetarian- and vegan-friendly brunch items; a comfortable spot in the middle of the action on Telawi; high-quality, fresh ingredients; a well-balanced menu with a large variety of excellent choices from small plates to sharing platters; all-day Oyster & Wine Happy Hour.

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Bait – Oyster Bar & Bistro
65, Jln Telawi 3, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

GF – 06, The Waterfront @ Parkcity
No.5, Persiaran Residen
Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
+6 016-351 2488

Bait Bangsar Opening Hours
Daily 8 am-12 am

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  1. Wowww!!! Looks good! We do not get great choices for breakfast here and the western joints open so late, around noon. Time for lunch!!!

  2. Suituapui has said exactly what I was going to say Wow, it all looks so good. Have a good weekend, cheers Diane

  3. That manhattan toast looks really really good, below RM 30 too which is fair for sure.

  4. I love sourdough so much.
    I bake my own ones these days, with my bread machine.

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