Eyelash embroidery Kuala Lumpur semi-permanent tattoo

Lash Liner Enhancement KL – Eyeliner Embroidery

Lash Liner Enhancement KL – Eyeliner Embroidery at Sara Brows Mont Kiara

Monica Tindall

I often yearn for a faster morning routine. I’d love to wake up, wash my face and walk out the door care-free without the need to spend precious minutes putting on makeup.

I’ve already lightened the load with nanobrows and lash curling and tinting, but now it’s time to try lash liner enhancement or semi-permanent eyeliner tattoos to reduce my morning prep even further. While the idea of ready-to-go eyeliner sounds fantastic, understanding the process and potential pitfalls is crucial before you jump in. 

Lash Liner Enhancement KL

Lash liner enhancement is a cosmetic procedure wherein pigments are implanted into the upper eyelids to create a long-lasting eyeliner effect. This can enhance the eyes, providing a defined and polished look without requiring daily makeup application.

Importance of Finding a Qualified Professional

Selecting a qualified and experienced professional is crucial. When seeking technicians, look for those with proper certification, online reviews and a portfolio showcasing their work. Talk to someone who has had it done before (hi, that’s where I come in). This cannot be stressed enough. Lash liner enhancement is performed near your eyes, demanding precision and expertise. Schedule a consultation beforehand to discuss your expectations and ensure they align with the artist’s skills. I know the team at Sara Brows only uses premium products (the highest quality you can find in the world – Phi pigment, which is organic and has zero heavy metals) and has the strictest hygiene standards. I’ve had an extremely positive experience with nanobrows here, and everyone I’ve sent to do their brows has nothing but glowing reviews to report. I feel in very good hands with Joy, the lash liner enhancement technician at Sara Brows, with Sara overseeing the procedure.

Lash Liner Enhancement
Lash Liner Enhancement at Sara Brows & Beauty KL

The Procedure

Before the procedure, Joy discusses my preferences and expectations, giving a realistic idea of what to expect from lash liner enhancement. The process involves applying a topical anesthetic to numb the area, followed by the careful application of pigment with a sterile needle along the lash line. While some discomfort is expected, Joy constantly checks in, reapplying numbing cream as needed and working efficiently. I feel an initial prick, but after that, it’s mostly pressure and some nervousness because of the delicate eye area. The process typically takes around one to two hours, depending on the desired intensity of the eyeliner.

Eyelash embroidery Kuala Lumpur semi-permanent tattoo
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Pre and Post Care

Prior to the procedure, it’s best to avoid blood-thinning medications, coffee and alcohol and inform the technician about any allergies or sensitivities. Post-procedure care involves sparingly applying a prescribed ointment to aid healing, avoiding direct sunlight, and refraining from picking or scratching the treated area. Joy says to keep the area dry for three days, and I’d avoid makeup for a week to ten days to prevent any chance of infection.

Lash Liner Enhancement KL Results

I love the intense results the first week. However, the excess pigment gradually falls off, leaving a softer, more natural line. If you prefer more of a dramatic look, you’ll most likely require a touch-up in about a month. Many, though, are happy with the natural look from lash liner enhancement, so they require no second appointment.

Lash Liner Enhancement KL
Lash Liner Enhancement KL – Before & After

Price at Sara Brows KL

Sara Brows is currently promoting lash liner enhancement for RM 388, including one free touch-up. Send them a message via WhatsApp at +60 12-405 7686 or on Instagram @sarabrows_beauty for current prices and appointments.

Lash Liner Enhancement KL

Remember, lash liner enhancement is a long-term commitment. Choosing a skilled professional and understanding the process will help ensure satisfactory results. Consultation and communication with your technician are key to achieving the desired outcome while prioritizing your safety and comfort. I highly recommend the team at Sara Brows and would not trust such an intimate procedure to anyone else.

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