Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D'Rapport Residences

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia – D’Rapport

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia @ D’Rapport Ampang Italian Restuarant

Words: Stephen Reid
Photos: Johan Sopiee

Lorenzo Corsi, founder of Pizza Roma on Jalan Ampang, has just returned from a year-long hiatus and collaboration with a local Melbourne-trained chef, Rabin Ramachandran, to rebrand as Pizza Roma The Original in D’Rapport Ampang. Just off Jalan Ampang behind Gleneagles Hospital, the restaurant not only serves delicious plates of pasta, hand-made pizza, and sandwiches but now also serves breakfast.

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia, serves breakfast and brunch from 8 a.m. daily. In collaboration with Illy Coffee, they offer smooth, consistent coffee and various tasty breakfast options. Since moving to the Ampang area a little over a year ago, I have often remarked to Monica that I’d yet to find a weekend breakfast place that hit all the right notes, but I think I may have found it. 

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D'Rapport Residences - towers and carpark
D’Rapport Residences
Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D'Rapport Residences - covered patio seating
Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia

The new restaurant has a bright, modern, and cheerful atmosphere, with black and red subway-style tiles around the counter. A striking mural of a cartoon chef holding a pizza paddle in front of the Colosseum in Rome adds a splash of colour and fun. The rest of the decor is more subtle, with an industrial style of polished concrete floors and walls, black metal chairs, wooden tables, and hanging lights with exposed filaments.

Potted palms and overhead fans surround an extensive al fresco dining area to keep you cool on even the warmest days. For the little ones, there is a cute table shaped like a pizza in a quiet corner.

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D'Rapport Residences seating area with colourful pizza paintings
Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia
Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D'Rapport Residences - seating with wooden benches and tables
Cosy Interior
Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D'Rapport Residences - cosy lounge area with low table
Lounge and Kids’ Table

Drinks Menu

In charge of the gleaming new espresso machine at the time of our visit, Milka was our friendly, smiling barista, and very soon, in front of me sat a steaming, silky smooth Illy Cappuccino (RM 10.90). If you don’t like cappuccino, don’t worry, there are other options for you. You can choose from various Illy coffees, such as espresso, latte, or the sweet and rich caramel and hazelnut latte. Milka or one of her colleagues will have you covered whether you prefer hot or cold coffee.

We also tried a few other drinks from the beverage menu as the selection of cold-pressed juices tempted us. We plumped for the Cucumber, Green Apple, and Ginger Cold-Pressed Juice (RM 13.90). This juice was super fresh, starting off cooling and refreshing with the cucumber and apple freshness. Monica and I nodded in approval, savouring the zesty ginger kick in the juice.

If you are on the run and want something more filling and satisfying or a breakfast replacement, I recommend the Wild Mixed Berry Smoothie (RM 21.90). This smoothie was a punchy blend of tasty and healthy red berries, yoghurt, and bananas. It had a sweet and tangy flavour, a creamy and smooth texture, and a refreshing and energising feel.

Italian restaurant Ampang Fresh Juices & Smoothies
Fresh Juices & Smoothies

For those with a sweet tooth, I recommend you take the plunge and try one of the three varieties of Milkshakes (RM 17.90).  Truly sweet, creamy and decadent, we sampled the chocolate variety.  Rich chocolate blended with ice cream and topped with a layer of whipped cream and chocolate syrup. It was definitely on the sweeter side, but if this is your thing, I’m sure you will enjoy it. 

Italian restaurant Ampang Chocolate Milkshake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce
Chocolate Milkshake

Most of all, I was excited to try items from the restaurant’s breakfast menu and was not disappointed.

Breakfast & Brunch Menu Ampang

Although I had my eye on the Big Breakfast, given the number of dishes we had planned on sampling today, I decided to save that one for another time, and we opted for the Regular Breakfast (RM 26).  This consisted of a double-length sausage handmade by a local supplier, your choice of egg preparation, two slices of crunchy toasted focaccia bread, a roasted tomato, and wild rocket. We opted for our eggs to be scrambled, and I recommend you do, too, as they were the fluffiest, creamiest scrambled eggs I’ve eaten for a long time. The sausage was terrific, too, juicy and with just the right amount of seasoning and herbs. 

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D'Rapport Residences - Regular Breakfast with scrambled eggs, toast and sausage
Regular Breakfast

Next, we tried the Omelette with Mushrooms (RM 26). Made with three eggs, this was also served with two slices of crunchy toasted focaccia bread, a roasted tomato, and wild rocket. Again, it was faultless and perfectly cooked to order. 

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D'Rapport Residences Omelette with Mushrooms
Omelette with Mushrooms

One of my go-to dishes on a breakfast menu is shakshuka; while this doesn’t feature on the breakfast menu here, a very close culinary relative did: Baked Eggs. We opted for the Spicy Chorizo (RM 34) variety, which is also available with Italian Chicken Sausage (RM 32). 

Served sizzling hot in a denim blue-coloured pottery dish, sitting on a wooden platter to protect both your fingers and the table, this was packed with flavour. The tomato sauce had a real depth of flavour, and the spicy turkey chorizo upped the ante even more.  Black olives, roasted peppers and finally, the baked eggs themselves added further layers of complexity. Served with buttered, toasted bread, this will wake up your taste buds in the morning. 

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D'Rapport Residences Baked Eggs in blue dish with bread slices
Baked Eggs

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia Lunch Menu

As a Brit, I love a tasty sandwich for a quick lunch, especially when I don’t have much time to relax. Places like ‘Pret a Manger’, which are everywhere in the cities and towns, have made a fortune out of them, and all the shops and bakeries sell a lot of them at lunchtime and offer a wide variety. But since I moved to KL more than eleven years ago, I’ve had difficulty finding a decent sandwich place; the few foreign brands here have always let me down somehow, but finally, my search is over. The sandwiches at Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia have hit the spot for me.

Their panini is baked fresh every day, and goodness, what a difference it makes. They had a crunchy crust and pillow-soft texture, were filled with the freshest ingredients, and are always made freshly to order. Their menu has eleven varieties available in either Piccolo (small) or the larger Regular size.

First, we tried the Ham and Brie Sandwich (RM 21.90), made with slices of smoked turkey, delicious creamy Brie cheese and a generous dollop of mango chutney.  The proportion of filling to sandwich is just right, something the chains here never get right, making them incredibly moist and satisfying. 

Italian restaurant Ampang Ham and Brie Sandwich on ciabatta
Ham and Brie Sandwich

I almost held my breath before their Tuna Sandwich (RM19.90) arrived at the table.  This is my go-to sandwich and something I will eat at least once a week.  I was a vegetarian for over 12 years, and this was the food item I missed the most, so it’s a sandwich I take seriously.  I needn’t have worried as it was terrific; the filling more than generous, the tuna mixed with mayonnaise and black olives and is layered with lettuce and tomato; it even contained pickled onions, the acidity adding a little zing to the filling. 

Italian restaurant Ampang Tuna Sandwich on Ciabatta
Tuna Sandwich

Although we didn’t sample it on the day of the review, so there isn’t an accompanying photograph, I was hungry while writing up this review and ordered the Waldorf Sandwich (RM 28.90) to be delivered to my home; the filling contained chicken mixed with mayonnaise, fresh apple and walnuts. I can recommend it heartily, and I’ll be ordering it again. 

Their sandwich delivery is very popular at lunchtime. I understand why. I can see myself ordering their sandwiches often when I write my reviews at home.

Italian Dinner Menu Ampang


With our ‘lunch’ out of the way, it was time to try items on the dinner menu.  I was already familiar with the excellent pizzas produced by Lorenzo and Rabindran. I’d tried deliveries from a few different businesses when I moved to the area, and this was already the place that had my repeat custom whenever I had friends over for a movie night.  

However, in the interests of journalistic integrity, we sampled a few of the pizzas from the extensive selection; some I had sampled before, and others were new to me. The pizza dough is all made in-house using premium flour imported from Italy and available in sizes of 7”, 9”, or 12”.  

There is a choice of crust: Roman-style Thin, with a bit of olive oil added to the dough, which produces a crunchier, crisper crust, or Pinsa Romana style. 

Our first pizza was Margherita (RM 37.90), with a thin crust, tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan, and sprigs of fresh basil. It was an absolute classic, and the quality of the ingredients and the care in their preparation spoke for themselves. Faultless. 

Italian restaurant Ampang Margherita Pizza
Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D’Rapport Residences – Margherita Pizza

Fresh crisp and steaming from the oven, we next tried the Capricciosa – Thin Crust 7” (RM 19.90): This is topped with Tomatoes, mozzarella, artichoke, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, and olives. I recommend this pizza for vegetarian customers,  as whilst it doesn’t contain any meat, it doesn’t lack in flavour. 

Italian restaurant Ampang Capricciosa Thin Crust Pizza
Capricciosa Thin Crust Pizza

Next, we tried the Pinsa Mushroom Vegan (9”, RM 33.90).  Pinsa is a type of pizza dough that is light, fluffy, and crispy. It is made with a mix of different flours and fermented for a long time. It is low in calories, gluten, fat, and salt but high in protein and flavour. It can be topped with various ingredients, just like regular pizza.

Pinsa is an ancient Roman speciality revived by baker Corrado di Marco in 2001, and this was the first time I had tried it anywhere. It differs from traditional pizza in texture, with improved digestibility and nutritional value. It is becoming more popular worldwide as a healthier and tastier alternative to traditional dough. Paired with the vegan mushroom topping, the oven’s heat had caramelised and crisped the edges of the broccoli florets and sliced red onions and concentrated the natural sugars in the halved cherry tomatoes. 

Italian restaurant Ampang Pinsa Mushroom Vegan pizza on wooden board
Pinsa Mushroom Vegan


Whilst I was familiar with some of the pizzas on offer at Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia, I’d not yet tried any of their pasta, and now I’m kicking myself that I’ve lived so close and been missing out for the past few months.  There is an extensive range of mouth-watering sauces and proteins that you can add to get the perfect combination to fulfil your carb craving. All the pasta dishes are available with premium handmade Fettucine for a supplement (RM 6), which is definitely worth the small additional cost. 

We sampled the Fettuccine Arrabbiata with Mixed Veggies (RM 23.80 + Premium handmade Fettuccine RM 6).  The tomato sauce coating each ribbon of handmade fettuccine was a deep red, signalling the depth of flavour it contained, although the chilli kick was a surprise. Often, it’s way too tame (or over-the-top spice) in other establishments; here, you do get the heat, and the mushrooms in the mix of vegetables add texture—another dish perfect for vegetarians or those trying to reduce their meat intake.  Served in a black bowl and decorated with chopped parsley, it is a dramatic and attractive plate of food. 

Italian restaurant Ampang Fettuccine Arrabbiata with Mixed Veggies
Fettuccine Arrabbiata with Mixed Veggies

We were lucky to try the Gnocchi Pesto (RM 29.90) before it even made it to the menu. This dish was a recent addition to their specials, but it became so popular with the delivery customers that they decided to keep it permanently. The gnocchi was homemade with mashed potato and a touch of Italian flour, giving it a soft and fluffy texture. The pesto sauce was bright green and bursting with freshness, complemented by juicy cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. You can choose other sauces, but the pesto is a must-try. It’s simple, but it’s a winner.

Italian restaurant Ampang Gnocchi Pesto with napkin
Gnocchi Pesto

Less Carb-heavy Recipes

Another healthy, colourful dish on the menu is the Greek Salad (29.90). It consists of crisp fresh lettuce, creamy fetta cheese, kalamata olives, red onion slices, chunks of cucumber, and green peppers. It is perfect to share as a side with friends or as a starter on its own. 

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D'Rapport Residences Greek Salad
Greek Salad

For those not cutting down on their meat, you must try the Meatballs (RM 27.90). Nestling in a rich red pool of intensely flavoured tomato sauce, covered in a layer of freshly grated parmesan and decorated with a sprig of fresh basil, they would make a perfect starter dish or sharing plate. Or pair it with a side salad to make a main course rather than pasta if you watch the calories but still want a meal packed with flavour. 

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D'Rapport Residences Meatballs with cheese topping in blue plate

Dessert Menu

There is a range of delicious fresh pastries, croissants and cakes delivered from a trusted local supplier each day, but they sell out fast, so you have to ask the staff or peek inside the display cabinet to find out what’s on offer. When we came by in the late afternoon, a few items had already sold out, but we managed to snag a slice of Burnt Cheesecake (RM 18.90). Milka told us it was their most popular dessert, and we could taste why. It had a perfect balance of bitter and sweet, with a smooth and incredibly creamy interior.

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia D'Rapport Residences Burnt Cheesecake with illy coffee cappuccino
Burnt Cheesecake

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia Review

These seasoned restaurateurs have mastered the art of pizza and pasta. They are expanding their horizons with a new venture offering delicious breakfast, brunch, and lunch dishes. I am excited for them in their new location, where they will continue to delight their customers with their culinary skills. Not to be confused with similarly named businesses, this one really is ‘Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia’. Their food is a runaway hit in the home delivery market, but I hope more customers enjoy the food in their stylish, spacious new premises.  It’s not only easy to find a spot to park outside, but parking is also free.  

Reasons to visit Pizza Roma The Original @ D’Rapport Ampang: At breakfast time, they serve the fluffiest scrambled eggs in Ampang, if not the whole of KL; at lunchtime, they serve the best sandwiches; trust me and try my favourite Tuna sandwich, my mouth is watering thinking about it.   In the evenings, their fresh pasta with punchy, vibrant sauces was a revelation and didn’t break the bank, and of course, their delicious Pizza! All with free parking.  

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia
D’Rapport Residences
3A Jalan Nipah (off Jalan Ampang)
Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6011 2332 4491 or +6 012 733 7743
[email protected]
*vegetarian options**covered alfresco patio seating

Pizza Roma The Original Malaysia Opening Hours
Daily: 8 am to 10 pm

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