Qureshi KL

Qureshi KL, Indian Restaurant Bukit Kiara

Words: Anna Chew    Photos: Rich Callahan If you’re looking specifically for Dum Northern Indian cuisine, Qureshi would be the place to go. The Qureshi brothers come from a family of royal chefs with a 200-year history and it is part of a chain of restaurants known …

Coley Cocktail Bar, Bangsar

Jalan Kemuja Foodie Street Bangsar

If you’re willing to take a few steps off the main commercial streets in Bangsar, Jalan Kemuja offers a delicious haven. A handful of restaurants, a cafe and a bar make this street meriting of a culinary detour. Here we note five foodie hotspots from recent vi…

Suzie Wong KL, Hidden Bar, New Cocktail Menu

Suzie Wong KL, Hidden Bar, New Cocktail Menu

Words: Kitty Noble    Photos: Monica Tindall “Let me know when you’re near and I’ll guide you in.” These were Monica’s instructions for getting into Suzie Wong KL. Well. I’m pretty sure I can smell my way to any drinking establishment… think again Kitty! Be…