New Menu @ The Mix, Holiday Inn, Shah Alam, Malaysia

Cocktails – always a happy way to commence

Yakuza BBQ Chicken – grilled teriyaki chicken with cheese tempura & Japanese slaw – 22RM
Fusion Pasta – spaghetti with chicken, chili and pesto – 35RM

The Mix Caesar – Romaine salad with grilled salmon – 25 RM   Southern Crab Bisque with Fennel & Pesto Stick – 32 RM

Set of 6 Fusion Tapas – Ika Jiaozi  /  Chimichangas /  Quaker Oats  Prawns /  Balsamic Lamb  Skewer  /  Jalapeno Chicken  – 45RM

Harissa Beef Tenderloin – Tunisian hot mixed spices paste coated beef with vegetable fricassee & roast potatoes – 55RM

Apuzzo Crab Cakes – Lemon Basil Flavor Crab Cake & Seafood Ragout 30RM
Asam Asam Chicken – north Sumatran style chicken with tamarind and sour mango salad – 35RM

BBQ Short Beef Rib – garlic herb mashed potatoes, grilled capsicum & polanaise vegetables – 50RM

Sea Bass Black Wu Chiu with Chinese Black Pepper, Vegetables & Yam – 40RM

Madras Lamb Kofta with Tzatziki & Garlic Tortilla – 40RM

Brazilian Style Grilled Lamb – Chimichurri Potato, Corn and Black Beans Salsa Verde – 50RM

Pizzas: Taj Mahal Chicken Naan Bread Pizza 28RM; Beijing Style Chicken 30RM; Neptune Pizza –  calamari, tuna, mussels onions and capers 32RM;  Hunter Valley – 
venison, apple & mixed herbs 32RM

Creme Brulee with ginger

Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding 30RM              Banana Pie with Berry Compote 30RM
Chef Francis Lau has again been letting his creative juices cascade in dreaming up a new menu for The Mix. In his usual style he takes you on a journey around the world in an attempt to please every taste bud’s desire. If you find you don’t see something you’re hankering for on the extensive menu just ask and your wish will be his command. He wants every customer satisfied so do request what you’re craving. Not so long ago I posted on The Mix so check out this post for more details on the man behind the menu:  Previous post:  6 March 2012

Reason to visit:  Get anything you want! A menu so extensive that all taste buds are catered for.

The Mix
Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie
1 Jalan Usahawan U1/8
Seksyen U1
40250 Shah Alam
Selangor D.E. Malaysia
+603 7802 5200 Ext 2400

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  1. the tapas set looks very attractive as a sampler of the chef's creative cooking 😀

  2. That's a lot of food!

  3. Banana Pie with Berry Compote – Sound super healthy and delicious =D

  4. Hopefully time permits me to check out The Mix tomorrow after my event at the hotel itself:D Everything looks good…question is how much can I fit into my tummy…

  5. nice to meet you! a fabulous night and that was certainly food overload… 🙂

    btw.. both of you are just awesome on the dance floor!!

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