Pizzeria & Chef Joe at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

Pizzeria, Hard Rock Hotel, Penang, Batu Feringgi, Italian
Tandoori Chicken Pizza – spicy marinated chicken with mango raita and capsicum chutney 
Pizzeria, Hard Rock Hotel, Penang, Batu Feringgi, Italian
Anti pasto selection – char grilled octopus, roasted pepper salad, marinated eggplant, balsamic mushrooms, marinated feta salad and French toast. Delicious with extra virgin olive oil and tender smoky octopus.
Pizzeria, Hard Rock Hotel, Penang, Batu Feringgi, Italian

Wood Oven Seabass – baked with olive oil and herbs, served with eggplant caponataPizzeria, Hard Rock Hotel, Penang, Batu Feringgi, Italian
Cookie Monster – Vanilla ice cream with cookie bits, green tea ice cream in a tart shell and mixed berry compote – chef’s invention of the day

Pizzeria, Hard Rock Hotel, Penang, Batu Feringgi, ItalianBig friendly Chef Joe charms his customers with his warm
heart and thin crust pizzas. A fan of the flying pizza, in house entertainment is provided as he spins the dough into pirouettes that would make any ballerina envious. Not only providing pre dinner amusement and whetting the appetite, those aerodynamic gyrations are actually the gentlest way to handle the dough. The spinning air flow helps to round out the base but dries out the dough just enough forming a perfectly crispy crust. A hand thrown pizza will have a slightly higher crust on the outer edge – ideal for keeping the ingredients on top. 
Chef Joe’s signature pizza is a la Vostra, but he too rejoices in local infusions concocting new creations such as the local favourite, Tandoori Chicken Pizza. Bedecked with spicy marinated chicken, mango raita and capsicum chutney, I can see why it’s a community hit. Too spicy for hubby, border line spicy for me, I quite enjoyed the challenge of the heat and the mix of textures formed by the crisp crust, tender chicken and creamy sauces. The staff were tremendously sweet watching us give this number a whirl. They saw hubby struggling with the fieriness and, encouraging him to enjoy the heat as you might coax a toddler to take his first step, offered some extra cheese to absorb the sting – which to our surprise did offer some respite.
A simple menu of starters, salads, pizza, pasta and a few mains
are perfect fillers for fun by the sea. The Sand Bar next door will attend to your refreshments and Joe will take care of your entertainment as he whirls and twirls to the sound of Hard Rock tunes. 
Reason to visit:  flying pizza demos by Chef Joe
Hard Rock Hotel
Batu Feringghi
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  1. what a pizza!!! it looks like they used every inch of it to fill generously with toppings! 😀

  2. wow…the food looks super yummy!! Hard Rock Hotel really made my jaw drop…;P

  3. Its good that somewhere like the Hard Rock doesn't just stick to "safe" spice levels and pushes it abit! How funny that they were urging you on!

  4. Pizza looks superb… Thin crust, my daughter loves that! Tandoori eh? Fusion… Interesting.

  5. The cookie bits over the ice-cream definitely make it more scrumptious~

  6. Looks delicious. I'm heading there this week for a day by the pool.

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