Best Coffee in Penang, Malaysia

Always on the hunt for a good cup of coffee, I’ve wondered the streets of Penang, (mostly Georgetown) trying many a brew that didn’t quite cut it, and others that deliciously surprised. My fondness is for espresso and syphon coffee, so the traditional kopi-o didn’t sound my caffeine radar. There are many Penang experts though who would be glad to guide you to a great place serving this local speciality roasted with margarine and sugar. My hunt though was purely personal so… here’s my love list of:

The Best Coffee in Penang

Lighthouse Coffee Penang (now closed)

Just Wow! Must try the Aussie Strong Latte – a double shot of espresso with perfectly textured milk.
Best Coffee in Penang, Malaysia
Lighthouse Coffee Penang

Living Room, Macalister Mansion

As long as Kishen is behind the machine, you’re guaranteed a terrific cup.

Best Coffee in Penang, Malaysia
Living Room – Macalister Mansion

Ete Cafe

Part of the attraction is the cuteness of this hole-in-the-wall cafe, but the specialist on the syphon means serious business.

Best Coffee in Penang, Malaysia
Ete Cafe

Moustache Houze

Their Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee made with the syphon is worth sipping on while contemplating the furry mo decor.

Best Coffee in Penang, Malaysia
Moustache Houze

China House

Priding themselves in consistently excellent espresso based coffees and a choice of beans, the baristas here are experts in their brew (and there’s an eye-popping selection of cakes to pair your coffee with too).
Best Coffee in Penang, Malaysia
China House
Click on the above title links to find more complete reviews and contact details. You can also find the above conveniently located on the map below. Please let us know of your favourite finds for a great cup of coffee.

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  1. syphon coffee looks intriguing.. too bad i can't take coffee now 🙁

  2. Ciao! originale la birra nel pane! le patate danno consistenza e morbidezza, la birra dà invece più gusto!
    ristorante torino

  3. Lighthouse Coffee – – noted. How much is the kopi?

  4. I'm not a fan of coffee, hope they have something else to offer in Lighthouse coffee, i think they do serve some interesting breakfast set

  5. Best coffee in Penang? Wow! I've always wanted to learn coffee art!

  6. There are more cafes and restaurant in Penang opening up and they serve great coffees as well!

    • Dear Sherlyn, Thanks for your note and link. Penang is such a fun place. I'll definitely check out your site in preparation for my next visit. Yummy coffee here we come! Warm regards, Monica

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