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Interview with Eve Von, Owner of Seven Cups

What do you do and how did you get into the industry?
I was an Executive Producer at a film production company in my past life. That job allowed me to travel quite extensively, and I’d always find some time to squeeze in a visit (or more) to a coffee bar in each city. That coffee addiction grew and I found myself collecting coffee beans and coffee brewing equipment to start making my own coffee at home. Next thing you know, I’d quit my job, taken up apprenticeship at a couple of notable coffee bars in KL and here I am now: full-on barista and owner of Sevencups!
What’s the best/ worst part of your job?
I’m not sure about the worst part, but the paperwork that comes attached to running a business certainly isn’t any fun.
However, the best parts? Meeting customers, some of whom have become friends over time. Or just being behind the espresso machine and working with my team, experimenting and trying to get the best out of every blend/ single origin coffee that we have. That more than makes up for any other negatives that might come with this job.
What’s your personal favourite drink/ cake at Sevencups?
It really depends on what we have in the hopper, but generally anything black paired with our sea salt caramel brownie, and I’m sorted.
When you’re not getting your caffeine fix at Seven Cups where do you go?
Artisan TTDI.
What’s one of the wildest/ funniest/ most outrageous things you’ve seen behind the scenes?
How about the cutest? We’ve recently been getting quite a lot of visits from a kitten that sneaks in through our main door. It seems quite keen to hang around our brew bar!
What do you do for fun?
I drink more coffee! Shoe shopping comes a very close second though.
You take your coffee very seriously then…
Yes. We cry a little every time we see someone reaching for the sugar jar before trying their cup of coffee, whether at Sevencups or any other coffee bar.
What’s something you’d like guests to know about Seven Cups?
Seven Cups was created as sort of a personal haven, but I hope that our space provides others an escape from the obligations of daily life, even if only for awhile.
What’s in store for you in the upcoming months?
New desserts, more collaborations with other local brands and as always – more new coffee!
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  1. Oops! I like my coffee sweet… 😛

  2. Like the above follower of this blog of Monica, T.O.H. and co, I'd upset you also.
    You really would be snatching for the tissues.
    I can't drink coffee without some sugar – only a teaspoon if that makes you feel better????

    Great to see that you in "your previous career" have travelled.
    Knowing where places are is quite an asset.
    I was taught by my parents and grandparents – ask if you don't know.
    Then as a teacher for 6 years I applied the same rule to the students.
    Only fools don't ask and they thus only fool themselves!
    Very interesting interview.
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
    PS; Now Monica you know my secret with these quiz competitions – ha ha.

    • Apologies Eve.
      The above as you are the interviewed person were meant for you.
      Where "upset you also" – the "also" is supposed to have been "Eve".
      I just noticed 6.55 pm when re-looking that your name was missing.
      Cheers and best of good wishes for further experiments and openings.

  3. Well done interview. 🙂

  4. Love your interviews with successful women business owners. I drink my coffee black, no sugar.

  5. She's known as the coffee industry's "Iron Woman" ! 😀

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