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Laguna Golf Club & Andy Combe Golf School, Phuket

Golfers wanting to improve their technique, beginners desiring some help to get off to a positive start, and professionals seeking that winning edge, are all at home at the Andy Combe Golf School at the beautiful Laguna Golf Club in Phuket. The Yum List is definitely in the novice category, and at a recent stay at the Banyan Tree Phuket, had a chance to hit a few balls with former PGA Asian Tour Professional, Andy Combe.
laguna golf club
Andy Combe, former PGA Asian Tour Professional
laguna golf club phuket, golf school
Andy and Some of His Tools
Andy and his team are ideal facilitators: patient (very!), positive and provided just enough information for us to comprehend before moving on to the next step. Our time spent on the driving range left us feeling encouraged and enthused to continue. You can find more about the Andy Combe Golf School via this link. The newly revamped Laguna Golf Club provides a stunning setting and more can be found about the course via this link. Here though, are some photos of the picturesque location.

Andy Combe Golf School
Laguna Phuket Golf Club
Banyan Tree Phuket


  1. This was a surprise – really "out of the blue".
    My youngest niece's fiancee and his mates ( age group
    late 20's early 30's) make an annual golfing pilgrimage to
    this Laguna Golf club and resort – well I suppose there is a
    resorty place at hand??. About 10 of them go and I have
    heard the name Andy Combe mentioned!
    Tim, the fiancee, raves about the place! So now at least I can say I've
    seen photos of it.
    My niece Ashley and Tim are being married in the Hunter Valley vineyards
    at some resort place – black tie in the middle of grapes! And by some strange
    coincidence there is a big resort golf club next door where guests are being
    accommodated!! This happens at the end of November – all very well planned
    except for the uncontrollable – the bloody weather!!!
    There are some very plush places in this area which should be on your next
    Australian agenda to promote etc. And yes the Hunter Valley wines as you know
    are World famous.
    Thanks for showing me Laguna Golf Club at Phuket.
    El Colin of Cordobes, the middle matador BRAT!

    • Andy's a great instructor – he even has enough patience to work with T.O.H.
      Hubby proposed in the Hunter Valley – can't remember the name of the vineyard at the moment but it was a small hotel with only 8 or 10 rooms. Stunning location though and the restaurant's specialty was table service (that is chefs preparing everything table side on roll away mini-kitchens) and flambΓ©.

  2. The views across the golf range are absolutely breathtaking!

  3. What a gorgeous setting for a day of golf!

  4. i have to admit, i've never swung a golf club in my life, but looking at this setting, i'd like to start here! πŸ™‚

  5. So much happening in Thailand, Malaysia etc the moment.
    All is going to affect thier tourism industries.
    But ringgit is super low now, should be good news for tourists? πŸ˜‰

    >Is that green algae in the water?
    Oh that's duckweed. It's actually good to the water and wildlife.

  6. Looks a good golf course, manicured well.

  7. Banyan Tree is certainly one of my fave resorts & would love to revisit again. Laguna seems nice too πŸ˜€

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