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Interview with Anabelle Co-Martinent, La Juiceria

What do you do and how did you get into the industry?

I’m an entrepreneur who’s passionate about spreading the healthy lifestyle to all Malaysians. I am a juicing advocate, which prompted me to start an online business, which later turned into twelve La Juiceria Detox Bars around the Klang Valley, and now our latest project is the healthy café called Goodness Greens.

Share with us an interesting story from behind the scenes.

The whole business of La Juiceria started out from the passion to spread healthy lifestyle through cold-pressed juices to all Malaysians. With determination, as well as combination of good luck and hard work, we were able to turn the online business into 12 juice bars within less than 2 years of operations. A lot of things that happened behind the scenes were based on “fortunate happenstance”, as well as the belief that positive thinking attracts the right energy and people. However the most interesting story would be how I met my business partners.

When I created La Juiceria, I was heavily pregnant and was searching for business partners so that I could start off the online portal & delivery service. However, it was not easy to find the like-minded people, as I came from a professional background and most of my friends are from the corporate world. Fast forward to the week of my baby delivery, I ordered organic vegetables online and the guy who came to drop off my vegetable box became my business partner in the end. Talk about stars aligning and God sending the person right to my doorstep when I needed. Right after I delivered my baby, we had several meetings and started the company immediately — him and his best friend. Three of us worked together in making La Juiceria a reality. The first 3 employees of La Juiceria — myself, together with two young Malaysians: Hong Theng Lok and Kong Len Win.

What’s the best/ worst part of your job?

Best part: Waking up knowing each day is different. Knowing that every day we are helping people to stay healthy or get into a better lifestyle with the juices and food we create.

Worst part: Knowing it’s an uphill battle when it comes to healthy food — some people really just prefer to eat bad food continuously and it’s so sad when I hear all those stories shared by customers as a result of bad decisions — illness, death, cancer, operation, etc.

What’s your favourite meal/ drink at Goodness Greens Cafe?

My favorite meal at Goodness Greens café would be the Buddha Bowl. It’s a combination of vegetables, nuts and brown rice in a rich red coconut curry sauce. The perfect mix of textures and taste — soft, crunchy, slightly spicy, and warm. Finishing off the meal with acai berry smoothie bowl and a cup of Vatte (vegan latte) which has double espresso shot mixed with La Juiceria’s Almond Mylk.

My favorite cold-pressed juice of all is GOODNESS GREENS!

The Defender and The Vital Shot — both PowerShots are a must for me … I take them as a supplement daily! Sometimes even six bottles a day if I feel I need an immunity boost!

The perfect day off would be…

At the beach — close to all things natural — soft breeze, sunsets, white sand, the sea, fresh juices, yummy seafood… preferably all that at a beautiful hotel with wonderful service.

A day in the life of a Managing Director / Health Advocate …

Wake up super early, to see off kids to school. Start off the day with breakfast paired with juices or hot tea (mixed with La Juiceria PowerShots). Drive by Goodness Greens café for a quick check, meeting or for my coffee fix. Go to our central kitchen office to meet all marketing staff and operations people. Discussions with business partners at the office or at our own café. Respond to many emails and check out our social media assets to ensure everything is going well. Head home in time to do homework with kids. I try to make it a point to have dinner with my husband whenever we can. Put kids to sleep, then quality time with husband talking about our day and our plans for the days ahead. Sometimes we would add in some running time in the evenings after the kids go to sleep, or other days we squeeze in a morning jog to stay in shape.

What’s something you’d like guests to know about Goodness Greens?

It’s a place for everyone — whether you’re the normal meat eater, or vegetarian, or have a strict gluten-free or vegan diet, you can come to our place and find something that’s perfect for you. Our customizable salads allow you to pick and choose — so you have tons of combinations to come back to. Child-Friendly facilities also await, surely parents will appreciate it as you can enjoy a cup of Vatte (or coffee or tea) while your kids are kept entertained at the little play area. And lastly, of course everyone will enjoy a nutrient-rich açai smoothie bowl… packed with superfoods and extremely delicious!

What’s in store for you in the upcoming months? 

We are closely monitoring the progress of Goodness Greens café and we hope that if all things go well, we can replicate this at another location. Meantime, we are also working on a number of La Juiceria Detox Bar locations. Bringing health to more people. Juice on!

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