gluten free, organic raw desserts in Kuala Lumpur

Ee Lim, Raw Cake Maker and Founder of Freaking Wholesome, KL

What do you do and how did you get into the industry?
I am a raw cake maker at Freaking Wholesome.
I got the inspiration to start this project when I moved back from Bermuda 1 1/2 years ago. I realised that there were not many dessert options available in Malaysia for health-conscious eaters, vegans and people who are intolerant to gluten or dairy. Hence, I started experimenting from my kitchen and sharing my creations with close friends and family. After getting amazing reviews and encouragement from them, I decided to establish Freaking Wholesome.

What’s the best/ worst part of your job?
The best part is receiving feedback from clients. Their constructive views motivate me to create more wholesome treats for people to enjoy!

The worst part is when my schedule gets chaotic, I tend to sacrifice family time.

What’s your favourite cake in Freaking Wholesome?
Anything with peanut butter will make my heart skip a beat. Therefore, the PB&J is my go-to slice! The smashing combo of made-from-scratch, creamy peanut butter and fruity, grape jelly will leave any sweet cravings satiated without the guilt factor!

What’s one of the most outrageous things you’ve experienced behind the scenes?
A month before establishing Freaking Wholesome, everyday, my lunch and dinner consisted of raw cakes only as I was rigorously testing and improving my recipes.

The perfect day off would be…
To unwind in a spa to get my much-needed “me” time and spend the rest of the day with my family.

A day in the life of a raw cake maker  is…
My day starts at 7am when I get my son ready for school. After dropping him off, I will practice 30 minutes of yoga and have a light breakfast.
Feeling rejuvenated, I will start my work with replying to clients, scheduling pick up and delivery time, processing raw treats and delivering them and lastly, updating my Facebook and Instagram accounts.
By 7pm, I will stop working and spend the rest of the evening with my family.

What do you do for fun?
I like browsing through cooking/baking books and enjoy catching a movie in the cinema.

What’s something you’d like people to know about Freaking Wholesome?
Everyone can now enjoy desserts regardless of whether you are on a diet or a vegan or intolerant to gluten/dairy.

What’s your view on health and well-being in Kuala Lumpur?
The wellness trend is picking up fast thanks to the sports ministry’s effort in encouraging people to lead a more balanced lifestyle via “Fit Malaysia”. Also, I hope that with more people trying my raw treats, they will be convinced that wholesome food can be tasty and satisfying too!

What’s in store for you in the upcoming months?
I will continue to introduce a new range of raw treats and enjoy the experience!

Check out some of Ee Lim’s treats here.

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  1. Hi
    No I haven’t gone to the “Happy Hunting Ground” in the big blue yonder yet!!!
    I have been sports busy!!!
    Plus DVD watching and this below might well entertain you and your

    It is brilliant for food connoisseurs to see and has one of those rare
    these days ‘good feeling” about it.
    French one star Michelin restaurant in provincial France with an
    Indian restaurant opening up opposite – 100 foot away.
    Your viewers will love the food preparation and the story line.
    El Colin Cordobes

    • You’re back! Glad to hear you’re still alive and kicking. 🙂 I’ve seen this film. It is one of my favourites. I think the Indian actor did a great job and I’d watch anything with Helen Mirren.
      Oh between you online and hubby in the house – I have no escape from sport. Heaven forbid the two of you in one room at the same time. I might make a quick escape. 😉

  2. I think it is great that she cares enough to create something that is tasty and a healthier choice. Great review.

  3. Raw cakes can be as delicious as the mainstream cakes if the baker uses the right (and healthier) ingredients. From what I read of your interview with Ee Lim, I can already guess that her raw cakes will be lovely! =)

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