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Top Five Live Jazz Music Venues in Kuala Lumpur

Set to end 2017 in style and fun, here we collect our top live jazz music venues in Kuala Lumpur to bring in 2018.

No Black Tie

This intimate space in a backstreet off Changkat has legendary status as one of the best live music venues in KL. This year, they’ve revamped their offerings boosting the experience with a complete wine-paired menu for those who’d like to dine before a show.

jazz music KL
No Black Tie, Jazz Bar KL (also pictured in the header photo)

Alexis Bistro

Another live music venue in Kuala Lumpur that has stood the test of time, Alexis Bistro is renowned for bringing in quality acts from overseas as well as supporting the local live music scene in KL.

live jazz music Kuala Lumpur
Alexis Bistro

Bobo Kuala Lumpur

A relative newbie to the live music scene in KL, Bobo Kuala Lumpur offers a separate dining and bar space and purpose-built entertainment area. Good neighbourhood feel.

best live jazz music venues Kuala Lumpur
Bobo Upstairs, Jazz Lounge

Atelier on Telawi

This small restaurant, bar and stage backs up live jazz performances with a seriously good value and scrumptious menu and cocktail list. Date night – thumbs up.

best live jazz music venues KL
Atelier on Telawi

Up-stage Lounge & Bar

Bidding farewell to this location tonight, New Year’s Eve 2017, Up-Stage Lounge & Bar promises a night to be remembered. Details of their last hurrah here.

best live jazz music KL
Upstage Lounge & Bar Bangsar

What are your favourite jazz bars in Kuala Lumpur?

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  1. Great list, thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m sticking to No Black Tie. Heard so much about it but never been.

  3. Great, thanks for sharing..Happy new year wish you all the best

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