Things To Do In Abruzzo, Italy – Food, Wine & Nature

Monica Tindall

Abruzzo, Italy, one of our top travel destinations for 2018, has much to offer. Away from the crowds of the iconic cities such as Rome and Florence, Abruzzo offers fine food, fine wine and beautiful accommodation for far less than its better-known counterparts. For lovers of gourmet journeys and the great outdoors, Abruzzo is where it’s at. Here we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite Things To Do In Abruzzo.

Hire a car

The only way to truly explore the countryside and beautiful towns of Abruzzo is with a car. Public transport won’t get you to the hundreds of hidden gems in the mountains and valleys. Car hire is relatively inexpensive and if you visit outside of Italian vacations, the roads are relatively quiet.

Things To Do In Abruzzo
Hire a Care to Explore Abruzzo
Things To Do In Abruzzo
Abruzzo in the Summer

Take in Wine and Art

Visit the beautiful winery and art gallery of Cantina Zaccagnini.

Cantina Zaccagnini, winery, Abruzzo, Italy
Cantina Zaccagnini, Abruzzo

Eat Le Sise delle Monache

Visit Guardiagrele and to eat these light pastries stuffed with cream resembling the shape of nun’s breasts.

Castello di Semivicoli
Sise delle Monache – note the brush to the right for dusting off your clothes after consumption 😉

Drink Masciarelli Wine

Every glass brings a taste of the passion of a single man determined to raise the profile and quality of the wines of Abruzzo.

Things To Do In Abruzzo
Masciarelli Wine

Stay in a Castle

The stunning property of Castello di Semivicoli gifts both views of the mountains and the sea. The penthouse suite is superb.

Castello di Semivicoli
Castello di Semivicoli

Eat Arrosticini

Traditionally these skewers are made with mutton but beef and pork can also be found grilled to perfection with minimal seasoning. Best consumed with a glass of Montepulciano wine.

Things To Do In Abruzzo

Go For a Hike

There is an abundance of national parks in Abruzzo and plentiful walking trails from easy to rugged. Although known for its wonderful ski season, one of our summer highlights was a walk around Passo Lanciano – Majelletta. The temperatures can get significantly cooler up here so remember to bring a jacket.

Things To Do In Abruzzo
Passo Lanciano

Eat Pasta Chitarra

These ribbons of pasta are made with a tool resembling a guitar.

Things To Do In Abruzzo
Pasta Chitarra

Eat in a Cave

La Grotta dei Raselli in Guardiagrele backs on to an actual cave. Dining tables and their wine cellar are located within and guests can enjoy fine food and wine from the region.

La Grotta dei Raselli SRL
La Grotta dei Raselli

What are your favourite things to do in Abruzzo? What do you look for in a holiday destination?


  1. Just got back form Portugal.
    Boy, it was so hot!

  2. I’d definitely enjoy the captivating scenery…and the Mediterranean weather too!

  3. Gorgeous views of the countryside that you captured here!! And what could go better than a fabulous meal?!

  4. Wonder if we need an international driver’s license to hire a car?

  5. Beautiful scenery! Can I have a skewer of Arrosticini?

  6. Never know of this place, Abruzzo. It looks like a lovely place with picturesque view and so much more to offer.

  7. We really do need to make a return visit to Italy but there is never enough time to fit everything in any more, It is tough being retired! Cheers Diane

  8. As usual interesting! Thanks for the post)

  9. Perfect relax summer holiday, amazing views

  10. It looks like my kind of destination 🙂

  11. caning jaramillo

    Spectacular Abruzzo region

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