Dr Jane Frances Kwan Dr Jane Clinic Tropicana

Dr Jane Frances Kwan, Dr Jane Clinic Tropicana

Dr Jane Frances Kwan of Dr Jane Clinic Tropicana shares with The Yum List her most recommended aesthetic treatments and tells a little about why she first entered the industry.

What do you do and how did you get into the industry?

I am a medical doctor with a special interest in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. I am a certified aesthetic medicine practitioner in Malaysia.

I have been interested in and fascinated by the process and the results that can be achieved through aesthetic treatments since I was in medical school. I knew that I wanted to be in aesthetic medicine even before I finished my medical degree. I started to join aesthetic procedure workshops and courses and dermatology courses to learn and get more exposure when I was working as a junior doctor in government hospitals.

Why aesthetic medicine?

Aesthetic medicine is fascinating because these medically proven treatments are slowing and even reversing the effects of ageing. They help people to feel more comfortable with their appearance, giving them confidence, opening up opportunities in careers and relationships and overcoming any shortfalls that they may be experiencing.

There are even studies of proven treatments that can rejuvenate and repair internal body ageing. Leaving you feeling younger, more energised and strong – just like a 20-year-old.

What’s the best part of your job?

Best part: when patients/customers’ appearance improve or any patients/customers who are satisfied with their treatments. That really makes our day.

What’s the most popular treatment in your clinic?

Our top three treatments in the clinic, in random order, are Discovery Pico laser, Botox and filler treatments.

What treatment do you think gets the best results for money?

All treatments are not equal but all treatments get their own best results for the money. It is most important to have a good consultation to decide on the best choice of treatments and the products/machines used for individual goals.

The perfect day off would be…

…at home, watching Netflix with my daughters and husband.

What’s something you’d like people to know about Dr Jane Clinic?

We’d like people to remember us as friendly with good service. We’d like people to know that we provide quality medically-proven treatments.

What are your top three skincare tips?

Cleanse, moisturise and apply sunblock.

And please don’t scrub your face.

Do you do treatments on yourself?

Yes. (shy)

Where do you see the industry headed?

40, 50 years ago, aesthetic medicine was seen as a treatment choice for women aged 50 or more. As years passed, research and studies have improved and general knowledge has widened and now aesthetic medicine is becoming a preventive choice for ageing for both men and women.

Find out more about treatments offered by Dr Jane Frances Kwan here and learn more on the aesthetic industry in Malaysia here.


  1. Nothing beats own time with one’s family at home.

  2. Aesthetic medicine, although it doesn’t heal much, but greatly makes people happy.

  3. Home time is the best 🙂

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