Japanese Highball Recipe Nomi Tomo Sake Bar

Japanese Highball Recipe, Courtesy of Nomi Tomo

Japanese Highball Recipe

The Yum List asked chefs and bartenders around Kuala Lumpur what’s cooking in their kitchens or mixing in their bars during Malaysia’s Movement Control Order. In this series, they have kindly responded with recipes using simple ingredients that readers could also make in their homes. Today, the team from Nomi Tomo shares the bar’s recipe for the Ultimate Japanese Highball.

How To Make the Ultimate Japanese Highball

Ubiquitous in Japan – from high-end cocktail bars with tuxedoed staff to cans in vending machines – the whisky highball, like so much of Japanese drinking culture, has become an object of fascination across the globe in recent years. They’re tough to mess up and go down easy —all you need are two ounces of your favourite whiskey and some soda water to get it right.


Whiskey (we’re using Sun Peace whiskey)
Soda (we’re using Wilkinson soda)


1. Use a chilled glass and fill it up with ice.
2. Stir the ice a few times and drain any water that’s melted off of it.
3. Add one more cube of ice, then add the whiskey to the glass.
4. Top with soda water and stir three times to incorporate.
5. Garnish with a slice of lemon, and enjoy.

Find more recipes by KL bartenders such as this one for the Ultimate Japanese Highball here. And, stay up to date with what’s happening on the KL food and beverage scene here.


  1. The Japanese have the best whiskey in the world, no?

  2. Suntory is a famous laundry brand in Japan, right??

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