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Indigo Blue Mansion, Modern Fine Dining Penang

Indigo Blue Mansion

Monica Tindall

My oh my has the restaurant at Cheong Fatt Tze had a makeover. Our last visit was to a lovely, antique setting with a kitchen serving Cantonese food. Indigo The Blue Mansion has been revamped and is now a beautiful contemporary dining space with cutting edge cuisine.

Not only has the restaurant evolved over time, but so too has its chef. We first met Jack Yeap over six years ago when he was running El Faro Tapas Bar & Restaurant. Our interest was peaked by his enthusiasm and innovative take on classics. Since then, he’s been behind several kitchens, and here we see him growing bolder and more confident in his creations.

We’re here to experience a preview of the new menu to be launched mid-July. Hopefully, the publication of this article will coincide with its launch.

Restaurant Cheong Fatt Tze
Indigo Blue Mansion Penang

Six-Course Dinner Menu Indigo Blue Mansion


The first course is an elegant Asam Laksa Inspired Uni Cold Capellini. The delicate tangle of pasta is gently complimented with soft, salty sea urchin. Kelp and asam laksa condiments are prefixed in such tiny fragments that they provide flavour but do not overwhelm our palates in the launch. We met this recipe in 2014, but it was with konbu, spring onions and a liberal stripe of lumpfish caviar.

Restaurant Cheong Fatt Tze
Asam Laksa Inspired Uni Cold Capellini


Flavours quickly intensify in the second course, Hokkaido Scallops. Our mouth fills with the tang and spice of kaffir lime leaf and ginger but is quickly balanced with the sweet cane broth. Spicy fermented bean leaves a mild pungency in the mouth, and thin slices of nashi pear cleanse our mouths.

Indigo Blue Mansion Penang
Hokkaido Scallops – Indigo Blue Mansion Penang


By the time I’ve photographed the third plate, Seared Duck Foie Gras, hubby is already halfway through. I get his preview, “Oh my god, this is something! Expectations are high. The foie gras is velvety smooth. Accessories of toasted jack fruit bread, tangerine marmalade, almond sea salt crumble, and balsamic sauce contribute layers of sweetness, saltiness and astringency.

Indigo Blue Mansion Penang
Seared Duck Foie Gras


The Seared Atlantic Cod Fish, especially the miso sauce, reminds me of one of my favourite dishes at Nobu, the miso cod. Here, chef Jack has cooked the fish perfectly, added chilli and orange to the miso, as well as a sesame miso marinade, charred asparagus and sunflower sprouts. That sauce, is oh-so-good, and just like Nobu, I wish it was jarred and sold retail.

Indigo Blue Mansion Penang
Seared Atlantic Cod Fish – Indigo Blue Mansion Penang


Next, we take the chef’s recommendation for medium-rare doneness for the main course, Australian Lamb Rack. Traditionalists could easily eat the three soft rounds of pink lamb with blackened edges all on their own. There’s much attraction in its partners, however. Manzanilla olive tapenade, aubergine ‘n’ potato cake, asparagus and raisin jus give Mediterranean appeal.

Indigo Blue Mansion Penang
Australian Lamb Rack


Drawing the meal to a close is the popular local combination of Chocolate and Banana. A petit tower of chocolate layers with banana panna cotta, chocolate wafers and pudding, and caramelised almonds make a familiar yet fancy conclusion.

Restaurant Cheong Fatt Tze
Chocolate and Banana

Indigo Blue Mansion Review

Our experience at Indigo Blue Mansion was very positive. Service was efficient and gave us a feeling of security with their focus on hygiene SOPS. The setting is stunning, and the cuisine stands out as a memorable meal in 2020.

Reasons to visit Indigo Blue Mansion: Contemporary cuisine founded in local flavours with European cooking techniques; gorgeous setting; a fine dining experience in Penang; a place that takes hygiene SOPs seriously.

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Indigo Blue Mansion
Cheong Fatt Tze – The Blue Mansion
14, Leith Street, George Town
Pulau Pinang 10200, Malaysia
+604 262 0006

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  1. Beautiful shades of blue, what a lovely place! Food looks elegant, with a touch of class.

  2. Oooo. Duck foie gras is something I look forward to.

  3. Awesome ingredients and looks to be really great execution too, never had fine dining affair in Penang, would love to try some day.

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