Breakfast Delivery KL W Kuala Lumpur

Breakfast Delivery KL W Kuala Lumpur W2GO

Breakfast Delivery KL – W Kuala Lumpur, W2GO

Breakfast Delivery KL

Monica Tindall

Previous movement restrictions in Malaysia saw the development of W Kuala Lumpur’s RETOX 2GO menu. We loved this option and thought it a fabulous opportunity to have brunch in our PJs. This round, the hotel has expanded its offerings to include breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m an early riser and excited about the early morning prospect, so we fill our a.m. with brekkie delights.

Breakfast Delivery KL W Kuala Lumpur, W2GO

Healthy Brekkie Options

As you’d expect from the W Kuala Lumpur team, the breakfast delivery KL menu offers plenty of contemporary choices made on wholesome ingredients. My tastes are perfectly aligned with the healthier selections in the collection. Still, there is plenty for those wanting to indulge as well.

Chia Seed (RM 30) pudding is a plant-based recipe made with nutrition-packed chia seeds and almond milk. It’s naturally sweetened with an array of fresh sliced fruits and whole berries on top. A hint of spice is gifted with cinnamon and something more to chew on with a spoon of dried fruit.

Breakfast Delivery KL W Kuala Lumpur
Chia Seed – Breakfast Delivery KL

Another order that goes on the guilt-free list is the Granola Yoghurt Bowl (RM 35). Creamy Greek yoghurt is contrasted in crunch with crispy cornflakes and house-made granola. Fresh fruit is prettily arranged on top, and a berry compote is packaged on the side – perfect for adding natural sweetness if you so wish.  

Breakfast Delivery KL W Kuala Lumpur
Granola Yoghurt Bowl

I don’t see the avocado toast trend fading too quickly and am happy to indulge in whenever I can. Smashing Avocado (RM 45) is W KL’s lushed up breakfast delivery version with soft poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, avocado and asparagus across house-made slices of rye bread. There’s something special about the sauce; an extra zip from citrus, possibly yuzu?

Breakfast Delivery KL W Kuala Lumpur
Smashing Avocado

Something A Bit More Lush

The W2GO menu also has plenty for those wanting their KL breakfast delivery to be a bit more decadent. Hubby’s pick: Layered Buttermilk Pancakes (RM 30). These fluffy rounds can be topped off with caramel, syrup and whipped cream. They’re sent on the side, but I find the dusting of icing sugar and the fresh fruit sufficient compliments. 

Breakfast Delivery KL W Kuala Lumpur
Layered Buttermilk Pancakes

Lastly, Egg on Egg on Egg (RM 40) provides just as the name suggests; a trio of nutrient-rich chicken eggs, salmon roe and avruga (a caviar substitute). Fried kale and sauteed mushrooms bulk up the meal atop house-made sourdough toast. It’s all scooped over with a generous portion of hollandaise sauce, proving another delicious dish.

Breakfast Delivery KL W Kuala Lumpur
Egg on Egg on Egg

Breakfast Delivery KL – W2GO Drinks

And what’s brekkie without coffee and juice (and kombucha in my case)? W KL’s breakfast delivery menu can be accompanied by any number of refreshments. They’re not listed on their published W2GO menu, but you can request whatever you desire (booze too – check out their brunch list). Coffee (RM 25) is made with Nespresso capsules, juices (RM 25) are freshly squeezed, and I’m rather fond of the local label, Wild Kombucha (RM 25), that they stock. Do try the cultured coffee flavour – excellent!

Brunch W2GO
Brunch W2GO

Reasons to get your breakfast delivery KL from W Kuala Lumpur: many healthy choices; bright wholesome meals.

Breakfast Delivery KL by W2GO
+6012 347 9088
[email protected]
Delivery & Pickup from 6:30 am – 7:30 pm

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  1. Smashing Avocado looks good and so does Egg on Egg on Egg. I love eggs!

  2. It all looks delicious.

    I am so missing my holiday visits and meals out.

  3. If you like brunch (because they open later) then you should check out the Red Bean Bag in Publika – it is a family Sunday favourite.

  4. I don’t know if W London also offers the same sorta stuff you guys got here.

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