Fuego MCO 2.0 Delivery Takeaway Menu

Fuego MCO 2.0 Delivery & Takeaway Menu

Fuego MCO 2.0 Delivery & Takeaway Menu

Monica Tindall

Fuego in Troika Sky Dining is one of my favourite places to dine. It’s my go-to spot for date night, an easy win to hang with the girls, and a must when I have visitors in town. It’s not only the exceptional service and fab setting that make it so attractive, but the food and drinks are also noteworthy all on their own. While I might not be able to partake in Fuego’s semi-alfresco setting right now, I can still get a taste of their Latin American spirit with their MCO 2.0 delivery and takeaway menu.

Fuego MCO 2.0 Set Menu 

Fuego has both ala carte options and a set menu available for delivery over MCO 2.0. I feel as though I have too much on my mind at the moment, so prefer the set, keeping things simple and reducing the pain of decision making. Fuego’s set menu is priced at RM 200+ and is plenty for two to three people.


One of the most popular items on Fuego’s menu is guacamole. It comes in not one, but five flavours! They’ll all made fresh in house, at the dedicated guac station and, I think it a fine foodie goal to work your way through all of them. In this menu, it’s the classic that’s featured. Diced avocado, green chillies, tomato, cilantro, garlic and lime make delicious dipping for an assortment of root vegetable chips. 

Fuego MCO 2.0 Delivery Takeaway Menu
Guacamole & Root Vegetable Chips – Fuego MCO 2.0 Delivery & Takeaway Menu

Grilled cauliflower is one of my personally best-loved items. The veggie is seasoned with parsley salsa, Parmesan and almond crumble, cumin, lemon zest and toasted pistachios. It’s a fantastic plant-based option, but even carnivore hubby thinks it delish.

Fuego MCO 2.0 Delivery Takeaway Menu
Grilled Cauliflower

Fuego MCO 2.0 Delivery & Takeaway Menu – Main Course

For the main, charcoal-grilled chermoula chicken is an easy crowd-pleaser. Sporting a lovely smokiness from cooking, the meat is moist and flavourful, and the hot diablo sauce sure packs a punch.

Fuego MCO 2.0 Delivery Takeaway Menu
Chermoula Chicken (this is for two pax! I think it could feed four!)

Side Dishes

Side dishes provide balance with grains and greens. Brazilian rice is given a sweet lift with tea-soaked raisins and gently seasoned with cumin, spring onions and coriander. A salad of herbs, fresh leaves, and charcoal-roasted onion is lightly dressed in a deliciously tangy lime and ginger dressing.

Latin American Restaurant KL
Brazilian Rice – Fuego MCO 2.0 Delivery & Takeaway Menu
Latin American Restaurant KL


There are a whole bunch of must-orders on Fuego’s ala carte menu; too many to feature them all in a set. We’re certainly glad, however, that their famous churros make the intake for Fuego’s MCO 2.0 delivery and takeaway menu. These crisp, fat logs are dusted with sugared cinnamon and come with dulcey cremeux and salted caramel espuma. The blend of sweet with a whisper of savoury, and crunchy with a complement of creamy, make them irresistible. It’s impossible to stop at just one. 

Fuego MCO 2.0 Delivery Takeaway Menu


The team at Troika Sky Dining, import their own wines and hence have an incredible selection to choose from. With the owners personally curating the wine list, you’re just about guaranteed a good drop no matter what you pick.

We’re particularly fond of the Italian, Roero Arneis DOCG, 2018 by Vietti (RM 240 +). It’s not commonly found outside of Italy. This is possibly due to its temperamental nature making it difficult to grow. The name itself actually translates to “little rascal.” We’re grateful for the producer’s patience as it makes quite a lovely wine. An elegant bouquet of citrus, floral notes and almonds belie a medium to full body. There’s more fruit in the complex palate and it slowly tapers out with crisp acidity.

Latin American Restaurant KL
Roero Arneis DOCG, Vietti, 2018

Fuego MCO 2.0’s takeaway and delivery menu is available daily from 12 noon until 7:45 pm. Call +603 2162 0886, WhatsApp +6011 2389 7080 or order online here.

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  1. The Chermoula Chicken is gorgeous!

  2. Rice looks mouth watering.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. The dipping for churros is new to me!
    I didn’t know you could have that.
    Mine always comes with chocolate sauce.

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