Trash-free Takeaway Food Kuala Lumpur

Trash-free Takeaway Food Kuala Lumpur – RGB

Trash-free Takeaway Food Kuala Lumpur – RGB

Monica Tindall

I’ve been doing my best to support the food and beverage industry over the pandemic by ordering deliveries and takeaway. However, I am constantly conflicted by the amount of single-use packaging that everything comes in. 

Sure, some packaging is better than others such as the compostable options that a few restaurants have switched to. The fact is though that even products marketed as earth-friendly are never as good as just not using anything single-use in the first place. 

It seems there’s an unbalanced focus given to the disposal of rubbish and little talk about how it was made in the first place. The fact is, every single thing we use has come from a natural resource. More natural resources were used to process it into the end product (energy, water) and more again were used to transport it to its next destination. When considering the impact of anything on our environment, we must always consider the full life-cycle – cradle to grave.

Trash-free Takeaway Food Kuala Lumpur

Clearly, this is something I think about a lot. So I was overjoyed to hear about RGB Café’s initiative to do away with single-use anything altogether. They are already advanced in the game with their compostable packaging for food and reusable glass bottles for beverages. Taking it one step further, though, they actively encourage customers to bring their own cups and takeaway containers. Putting their money where their mouth is, a RM 1 discount is given from the price for every container you use of your own.

Order on the Right, Pick-up on the Left
Trash-free Takeaway Food Kuala Lumpur
My Own Containers for Packing – Trash-free Takeaway Food KL


You might already know that brekkie is my favourite meal of the day, and RGB is one of my go-to’s for an excellent cup of coffee. It comes as no surprise that my first attempt at trash-free takeaway food in Kuala Lumpur is with breakfast.

Cinnamon Rolls (RM 8.50) are hot out of the oven when I arrive. Lucky, I brought an extra container! They’re one of RGB’s hottest sellers for a good reason. Not only are they one of the best I’ve had recently, but they are also vegan!

To-die-for Vegan Cinnamon Roll

Hubby’s Omelette (RM 27) order is loaded with spinach, garlic, cheese and marinated tempeh (delicious). The omelette is made with certified free-range LK Fresh Eggs and served alongside a slice of their house-made bread.

Trash-free Takeaway Food Kuala Lumpur
Juice and Omelette – Trash-free Takeaway Food KL
This Omelette is Loaded

I find the next vegan item hard to resist and predictably order it just about every time I see it on a menu. RGB’s Smashed Avocado & Hummus on Toast (RM 23) is possibly one of the prettiest around. Thanks to a duo of hummuses – beetroot and pumpkin – the meal is given an additional splash of colour.

Trash-free Takeaway Food Kuala Lumpur
Smashed Avo & Hummus

We finish off our brekkie selections with Yoghurt Parfait (RM 19). It’s a simple layering of house-made granola, Bright Cow yoghurt and fresh fruits. Many will be happy to know that this is also a gluten-free item.

Trash-free Takeaway Food Kuala Lumpur
Yoghurt Parfait in my Own Container

Trash-free Takeaway Kuala Lumpur – Drinks

Of course, coffee is a must – not just to go with the morning meal, but because it’s what RGB Café is known for! They roast their own beans here and were one of the first to bring the third wave coffee culture to KL. Today we have a Cold Brew (RM 12) and a Latte (RM 11). I use my reusable eco cup for the latte and get my cold brew in a bottle. My Juice SO GREEN (RM 17) also comes in a refillable bottle. It’s made with a whole apple, 1/2 celery stick, 40g spinach, 70g cucumber, a ginger slice, wedge of lemon and Aussie kale.

Trash-free Takeaway Food Kuala Lumpur
Takeaway Coffee in My Own Reusable Cup
Trash-free Takeaway Food Kuala Lumpur
Juice SO GREEN & Cold Brew – Trash-free Takeaway Food KL


Pizza is a new item on the café’s menu. I don’t have containers large enough for pizza so rely on RGB Cafés cardboard boxes instead. I’m thinking that maybe I could pile up the slices on top of each other next time to fit a smaller container. If you have a better idea, share it with me in the comment box below.

Currently, there are 12 different 9.5-inch pizzas with plentiful vegan choices included. All are made from scratch with no added MSG or preservatives. The whole-wheat pizza dough is made with locally-ground whole wheat and semolina and dusted with organic cornmeal. Doughs are slow-fermented overnight to reduce the gluten content making it more tolerable for sensitive tummies. Whole wheat has a lower glycemic index than white flour, which gives a slower-burning energy source and leaves you feeling full for longer. Additionally, the whole-wheat dough is a little chewier and tastier than simple white flour. It’s a pizza where no one leaves the crust. 

Eggplant Marinara (RM 26) is a delicious meat-free choice with thin slices of chargrilled eggplant on a base of marinara sauce, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. It’s finished off with feta crumbles. The Cranberry Beef Brisket (RM 33) is the top-seller so far, and it’s easy to taste why. RGB’s signature 48-hour cranberry Australian beef brisket is shredded in generous portions alongside cherry tomatoes and shredded mozzarella. The meat is a much healthier option than popular cured and processed toppings. 

Eggplant Marinara – Trash-free Takeaway Food KL

Reasons to visit RGB Kuala Lumpur: trash-free takeaway food; get a discount when you bring your own containers and cups for meals and drinks; lots of plant-based options; great coffee; new healthy pizza menu.

RGB Coffee and the Bean Hive
35 Jalan Damai, Kampung Datuk Keramat
55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 03 2181 1329

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  1. “I am constantly conflicted by the amount of single-use packaging that everything comes in.” I cringe at the sight of the plastic used and I commented in somebody’s blog that they should think of switching to something more environment-friendly and ways to reduce the amount of plastic used. My comment was promptly deleted. I never went back to that blog again, much less to comment on anything – heard that it has been disabled, anyway.
    That is why I have a tiffin carrier in the boot of my car and I can just take out and use when I need to buy some food home, takeaway.

  2. What a brilliant idea, pity more places do not think the same way. Having said that I would just like a takeaway!! Stay safe and keep well, cheers, Diane

  3. The European Union has been banned from this year, including plastic cutlery and straws, as well as polystyrene trays. Companies have until July to get rid of their inventories and start using greener solutions. I’m very happy about this.

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