Lauk Pauk

Lauk Pauk Rex KL – Plant-based Urban Warung

Lauk Pauk Rex KL – Plant-based Urban Warung

Monica Tindall

One of the hippest kitchens in KL just became even hipper. Lauk Pauk in The Back Ground, REX KL is relaunching as a plant-based urban warung! Lauk Pauk means “a variety of dishes”, and here these are celebrated with Malaysia’s diverse flavours.

Lauk Pauk Rex KL – Plant-based Menu Delivered

If you have not yet been to REX KL, put it on your list now! In the meantime, get a taste of their contemporary vibe with Lauk Pauk’s plant-based menu delivered. I never thought I’d write so much about takeaway food. Still, this past year has presented many opportunities to try the good, the bad and the brilliant. Lauk Pauk’s food travelled particularly well, and I appreciated the minimal use of packaging. No unnecessary napkins or plastic cutlery arrived with the order (my pet peeve – excess packaging), so we’re off to a happy start.

Small Plates

Turns out the food is darn tasty too. Remaining from their original menu, Nenas Panggang Pajeri (RM 13) is a delicious snack or side. Grilled sweet pineapple sports an attractive char and is topped with a spicy, savoury gravy.

Lauk Pauk
Nenas Panggang Pajeri – Lauk Pauk

The Mushroom Rendang (RM18) could be scooped up all on its own, but I think rice, noodles or even bread would make an excellent mate. Shiitake, shimeji, enoki, oyster and king oyster mushrooms are meaty and hearty in a spicy rendang gravy.

Lauk Pauk
Mushroom Rendang

Main Courses – Lauk Pauk Rex KL – Plant-based Urban Warung

The Dry Laksa Ramen (RM18) comes with a bowl of fresh vegan ramen noodles, deep-fried tempeh, tofu, bean sprouts and an ajitama (seasoned) egg. The mushroom curry laksa gravy and sambal are served apart, ensuring the base remains crisp and fresh. Every dish we try today comes with a thoughtful vegan option. In this case, the egg can be replaced with an additional serving of deep-fried tempeh and tofu.

Plant-based Restaurant The Back Ground, REX KL
Dry Laksa Ramen – Lauk Pauk

The Nasi Lemak Rice Bowl (RM18) is centred by a mix of white and brown coconut rice. I appreciate the dash of nuttiness gifted by the whole grains. Grilled eggplant with sambal, spicy deep-fried tempeh, tofu and roasted peanuts, pickled cucumber (nice touch!) and ajitama egg surround the mound. Here, the vegan option replaces the egg with extra eggplant.

Plant-based Restaurant The Back Ground, REX KL
Nasi Lemak Rice Bowl

Also placed around a knoll of rice, the Masala Rice Bowl (RM21) is a complete meal-in-a-bowl. Spiced basmati rice is surrounded by grilled cauliflower florets and root vegetables with masala sauce. Cucumber raita, papadom, an ajitama egg, deep-fried tofu and tempeh (more of this if you choose no egg) bulk up the dish. 

Lauk Pauk
Masala Rice Bowl – Lauk Pauk

Although all of the dishes were flavourful and worth repeat orders, the Rendang Rice Bowl (RM21) is my top pick. White rice comes with grilled cauliflower florets and root vegetables topped with flavourful mushroom rendang. Beetroot-pickled egg (awesome), edamame, pickled radish and carrots drizzled with a soy sauce reduction add vibrancy and a seductive tartness to the profile. 

Plant-based Restaurant The Back Ground, REX KL
Rendang Rice Bowl


When you do get a chance to visit in person, you’ll be able to order tuak on tap from The Rex Bar! For now, you can get a taste in a bottled delivery with sparkling fruity tuak. Seasonal fruits provide variety, but the staple of pineapple should always be available. It’s best taken chilled and served over ice. 

Lauk Pauk
Sparkling Pineapple Tuak

Lauk Pauk Rex KL Delivery

Ala Carte ( | The Back Ground – Lauk Pauk
Beep ( | The Back Ground KL – Lauk Pauk, Urban Warung
GrabFood MY | Lauk Pauk – Jalan Sultan
foodpanda | Lauk Pauk REXKL
*Tip: Ala Carte and Beep’s prices are the same as dine-in.

Operating Hours

*Launching Friday, June 11!

MCO: Tuesday – Sunday: 11:00 – 19:00
CMCO: Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00 – 21:00 *Subject to change

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: Lauk Pauk: Urban Warung

Facebook: Lauk Pauk REXKL

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  1. Rex KL? Was that the cinema at Jalan Petaling? They sure have upgraded all the dishes with their unique presentations. That pajeri pineapple looks awesome. Hmmm…pineapple tuak? Ya, they do make that here too. Potent stuff!

  2. How do they deliver food in Malaysia?
    Ours don’t look as pretty as yours.
    Always very soggy and messy.

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