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Exclusive Selection for Two Menu – Nobu Kuala Lumpur 

Exclusive Selection for Two Menu – Nobu Kuala Lumpur 

Words: Meg Alice Photos: Monica Tindall

You might be thinking, didn’t I just read about Nobu Kuala Lumpur’s Signature Creations for Two Menu in September 2021? If so, you are correct. You can read that article again here and about Nobu Kuala Lumpur’s move to the Four Seasons Hotel in March 2021 here. We’re revisiting Nobu again because they have created a new Exclusive Selection for Two Menu that’s quite the opposite of the Signature Creations.

New Nobu Kuala Lumpur Four Seasons Place
Nobu Kuala Lumpur Four Seasons Place

Exclusive Selection for Two Menu – Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Nobu Kuala Lumpur has done it again with its October five-course Exclusive Selection meal featuring a theme of newer creations and unsung heroes of the menu. 

Nobu signature dishes like miso black cod are not on this menu in favour of whimsy and experimentation. This is a chance for long-time local executive chef Philip Leong and newly arrived head sushi chef Masami Ouchi (“Chef Masa”) to play together, embracing their new location at the Four Seasons Hotel. The menu delivers a joyful dining experience that celebrates bringing new and unexpected flavours together for RM 398++ per couple.

Exclusive Selection for Two Menu – Moriawase

The five-course meal starts with the Moriawase (plate of assorted cold dishes). The oyster shooter is delectable with a bright ponzu sauce (citrus vinaigrette), and the whitefish tiradito-style tastes close to ceviche with a delicate hint of acid and spice. The standout, however, is the salmon in jalapeno sauce with garlic puree. 

The salmon wrapped in kelp features a yamagobo (Japanese pickled burdock root) bite in the centre, giving a fun crunch. For an additional RM 55++, one can opt for an add on of scallop karashi sumiso with caviar, but in our experience, the initial trio stands on its own.

Exclusive Selection for Two Menu – Nobu Kuala Lumpur 
Moriawase – Exclusive Selection for Two Menu

Chef’s Sushi Selection

If you read our last review, you’ll recall that Nobu’s sushi is equally about the fresh fish as the accompanying flavour additions. Each of the selected pieces for this course – kampachi, mackerel, fluke, and salmon roe –is specially designed with daring sauces and spices. The kampachi is paired with a wasabi salsa, and the mackerel features the ponzu sauce again with sesame and scallions. The fluke is topped with egg powder. The highlight for me is the salmon roe offering an explosion of flavour with each individual roe popping in your mouth.

Celebration Restaurant KL
Chef’s Sushi Selection

Umami Seabass Tempura

The third course or first main course is rich seabass tempura luxuriating in a velvety carrot sauce. As with the jalapeno sauce, I could eat a bowl of the carrot sauce like soup. The seabass itself is buttery and hearty in all the best ways. For an additional RM 55++, diners can substitute lobster tempura for the seabass tempura. Still, the seabass is a treat on its own.

Exclusive Selection for Two Menu – Nobu Kuala Lumpur 
Umami Seabass Tempura – Exclusive Selection for Two Menu

Braised Wagyu Short Rib

The fourth course or second main comprises a teriyaki-braised wagyu beef short rib accompanied by apple salsa, baby corn, cherry tomatoes, and wasabi mashed potatoes. The apple salsa cuts through the richness of the short rib with perfect proportions of meat, vegetables, and teriyaki sauce. I was worried by the description of the dish as including “apple teriyaki” that it would be too sweet. Still, because the apple is a stand-alone salsa, the recipe is perfectly balanced between the teriyaki and tart apple flavours.  

Exclusive Selection for Two Menu – Nobu Kuala Lumpur 
Braised Wagyu Short Rib

Tofu Bavarian with Monaka

The final dessert course is the most experimental and whimsical dish of the night featuring tofu in a seashell-shaped monaka (Japanese wafer) to be eaten like a sandwich. The desert also includes jasmine sorbet. The plate is presented as a child’s playground of activity dotted with palm sugar mochi.

Exclusive Selection for Two Menu – Nobu Kuala Lumpur 
Tofu Bavarian with Monaka

Additional Dinner Musings

As briefly mentioned, diners can opt for the premium upgrade options of scallops for the Moriawase course or substituting lobster tempura for the seabass tempura, both an additional RM 55++. For this dining experience, there is no wine or sake pairing. We stuck with Nobu’s crisp signature Matsuhisa Martini including Ketel One vodka, Hokusetsu sake and ginger (thank you Robert De Niro) and the chef’s choice of a Bordeaux wine with the short rib course.

As with all Nobu’s specially curated meals, the five courses are designed to give you the right amount of nourishment and calories, leaving you satiated but not overstuffed. This Exclusive Selection for Two menu is priced at a reasonable RM 398++ per couple. A comparable meal a la cart would price much higher, making this an excellent deal.  

Celebration Restaurant KL
Matsuhisa Martini
Celebration Restaurant KL
Michel Lynch Bordeaux

On a personal note, we are greatly pleased to see Nobu bustling with diners again, which bodes well for a long collaboration between executive chef Philip Leong and head sushi Chef Masa. The doors opened at 6 pm sharp, and almost instantly, every table was filled, including children and families. To accommodate this rush of diners, Nobu has opened its private dining rooms to allow generous space between tables creating a pandemic-safe environment. Enjoy this five-course menu from Sundays to Thursdays through 31 October.  

Exclusive Selection for Two Menu – Nobu Kuala Lumpur 
Sushi Counter

Reasons to try the Exclusive Selection for Two Menu at Nobu Kuala Lumpur: excellent value for money, pandemic-ready setting, superb service.

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New Nobu Kuala Lumpur Opening Hours

Dinner: 6.00pm – 10.30pm (Daily)
Lunch: 11.45am – 2.00pm (Monday – Friday)
High Tea: 1.00pm – 4.00pm (Saturday – Sunday)

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