Jun Lim Hair Bar Estudio

Jun Lim, Artistic Hairstylist at Hair Bar Estudio

Jun Lim

In this interview, Jun Lim, artistic hairstylist at Hair Bar Estudio, tells of life during the pandemic, her challenges and her growth.

What do you do?

I’m an artistic stylist at Hair Bar Estudio. I am also a Top 10 Finale of the 17/18 Matrix Strobe Star Awards.

How did you get into the industry?

When I was a kid, I was interested in fashion shows, especially hairstyles. Back then, I just made sketches on paper when an idea came to my mind, but I could not do it. My schoolmate introduced a hair academy, which was when I started getting to know about this industry.

In 2017 I participated in a hair competition held by Matrix, called Matrix Star Strobe Award. The very first in my life to join a contest and get into the Top 10 Finale. Although I didn’t get through the top three, I got stage experience, broke my own limits and ideas about what I could do in my daily work and got to know a lot of friends in the same industry. Thankfully they gave me this opportunity, and I got this precious experience.

What’s food memory from your childhood or travels that stands out?

Honestly, I love local food a lot! My hometown was by the seaside, so I had a lot of seafood every day in my childhood. The best comfort food for me is Tomyam Maggi, with a variety of seafood.

What’s the best/ worst part of your job?

I work six days a week, so it’s kind of sad that I don’t have much time for my family and friends. In another way, I enjoy being busy, which makes my time meaningful.

Jun Lim’s favourite food and beverage pairing?

Not gonna lie that thosai with teh halia is my favourite match. That floury flavour mix with the scent of tea really wakes me up in the morning.

What’s one of the scariest things you’ve seen behind the scenes?

The scariest thing I can say is head lice! My team served a customer with head lice unknowingly, but we found them when we began trimming. After we finished, we used sanitiser and hot water to kill the leftovers and threw the combs away.

The perfect day off would be…

Aerial yoga classes with my students, wall climbing, and food hunting with friends. Yeah, I’m an aerial yoga instructor too!

A day in the life of Jun Lim is…

Finding challenges. No matter work or sport, I like to try out new things and learn from them.

How has the pandemic changed you, your perspective, or the way you operate?

In this pandemic, the hair industry was not allowed to operate during MCO. It was the best timing to improve some knowledge about hair rather than wasting it. I keep attending online classes to get more information and to utilise it in my work. 

What’s something you’d like people to know about being a hairstylist as a profession?

Being a hairstylist is not just a job. We put our passion on the customer to create excellent work and happiness. Please appreciate your stylist give them a big hug!!

How has the pandemic changed you?

After this pandemic, I really appreciate the time that I have now. When working, I work hard. When I have fun, I play hard. I don’t want to waste any minute of a day and regret it in future.

Time is priceless. I learned how to arrange my schedule to make sure my customers can visit me and give them the best. Besides that, the online classes inspired me to do something out of the box!

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  1. “…it’s kind of sad that I don’t have much time for my family and friends…” I guess it’s the same whatever profession you are in. Have to make huge sacrifices, fight tooth and claw to succeed.

  2. My favorite hairstylist and a good friend. Proud of you!

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