Save the People, Save the Planet, Earth Day

Save the People – Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Save The People – Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Monica Tindall

The realization that saving the planet is not really the issue of our time but rather that it’s saving the people, is gradually making its way into the collective consciousness. Planet Earth has proven that it does perfectly fine (is actually better off) without us, and it is indeed the people that need the saving. With humans gone, the planet thrives. But with nature gone, humans simply could not exist.

“I don’t really need people, but people need me,” Julia Roberts narrates the voice of Mother Nature in the film Nature is Speaking. “Your actions will determine your fate, not mine. I am nature. I will go on.”

Just think for a moment. It sounds silly to have to write this in black and white but do you actually realize that every single one of your wants and needs is met by nature? Go ahead. Try to name a single thing that doesn’t come from our earth. I challenge you because recently an educated adult said to me, “Well not everything comes from nature.” When I invited her to tell more, she couldn’t name a single thing. It’s not that she couldn’t have figured it out for herself, just that she had never considered the idea. Do you make the connection? (I welcome you to name one thing in the comment box below. Go ahead, give it a try!)

Wild. Wilderness. Nature. Mother Earth. Whatever you call it, David Attenborough reminds us in the film Planet Earth, that a mere 35% of it is left. Considering all of our needs are met by nature, and our population continues to grow exponentially, that is pretty darn frightening. And, to reference another flick, Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up, the problem seems too big for us to contemplate. We’d rather turn our attention to celebrity gossip than the news that is far more consequential.

We have indeed been poorly behaved children pushing Mother Earth to her very limits, and if we keep it up, she simply shall no longer provide.

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
Desaru Coast

Save the People – Hard Rock Hotel

One of Hard Rock’s mottos, Save The Planet, if we follow it, should essentially save the people. We recently witnessed this ethos in action at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast’s three-day event, ‘Shape Our Future.’ In conjunction with Earth Hour between March 25 and 27, 2022, the team immersed guests in activities designed to promote living sustainably by reducing waste, and to educate about Desaru Coast’s rich biodiversity.

Leading this year’s program was the newly appointed sustainability manager, Chew Siew Moon. Turning off the lights for Earth Hour 2022 was just a small part of the plan. The hotel is heralding a new year with impactful initiatives that focus on biodiversity and sustainability.

Save the People, Save the Planet, Earth Day
Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Living Sustainably

During the event, guests learned how to compost food waste for use as fertilizers and cleaning agents. It’s much easier than you think! They also discovered ways to recycle old bedsheets into tote bags with psychedelic art from plant dyes. And, opening appetites for a sustainable menu in the dark for Earth Hour, participants were treated to a farm-to-table beverage experience. Herbs from the hotel’s garden were infused in the drinks and used as garnishes. Guests were also guided to plant their own seeds (mine have already sprouted!). Furthermore, Planet Earth narrated by legendary David Attenborough was screened prior to dinner. If you haven’t yet seen it, watch it tonight!

Perhaps the highlight of the three-day event (at least for the gourmets amongst us) was a phenomenal “Dining Under the Stars” menu with newly appointed executive chef, Alexander Chong Poh Loy. When the lights went out, the candles were lit, Hard Rock musicians gave an acoustic performance, and dish after dish of innovative cuisine was delivered. Using as much local produce as possible, and showcasing plant-forward dishes in many courses, Chef Alex delighted diners with his creativity and expertise.

Besides the workshops and experiences, the team at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast have already institutionalized significant practices that have a far-reaching impact. Every room is provided with one-litre metal refillable water bottles. Each floor is fitted with high-quality filters and guests can refill as many times as they please. This initiative alone has done away with over three million (!) plastic water bottles in the three years it has been in operation.

The next plan on Hard Rock Hotel’s agenda is to phase out the use of single-use bathroom products. As supplies of shampoo, conditioner and body wash run out, they’re replaced with refillable pumps, making for a much more luxurious and sustainable experience.

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
The Bartender’s Garden
Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
Craft Cocktail
Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
Check Alex’s Earth Hour Menu
Save the People, Save the Planet, Earth Day
Earth Hour Menu
Save the People, Save the Planet, Earth Day
Rooms Are Provided Refillable Bottles

Rich Biodiversity

An essential part of promoting a sustainable lifestyle is educating the population about the enormous importance of fostering biodiversity. The first step in helping guests understand the rich complexities of our natural world is to help them see the beauty and appreciate its greatness.

Working in conjunction with highly respected naturalists from Junglewalla, the team at Hard Rock Hotel facilitated excursions to Sedili Wetland. Guests learned the value of the mangroves, which include three distinct ecosystems – a mangrove forest, Nypa palm forest and higher upstream, a freshwater swamp forest. The Sedili Kecil is one of the very few watersheds in Peninsular Malaysia that remain mostly forested from its source to its estuary.

With property development comes a loss of habitat for native species. In a small effort to counterbalance this, the hotel has installed its first “Hornbill Villa.” Desaru Coast is home to the Oriental pied-hornbills, Great hornbill and the Wreathed hornbill. The loss of suitable natural homes for the large-bodied birds is one of the key reasons for their decline. Of many roles, one of the most vital of the hornbill’s is in dispersing seeds for plant reproduction, regenerating diversity and maintaining green cover. Everything in nature works in cycles. Removing one part of the equation has a knock-on effect on many others. Hopefully, by replacing lost homes, the hornbill will prosper.

Save the People, Save the Planet, Earth Day
Hornbill Villa
Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
Coastline North of Desaru
Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
Beach Clean-ups Are Regular’s on the HRH Agenda
The Tide Is Out
The Tide Is Out

Save the Planet, Save the People

Today is Earth Day, April 22, 2022, and there is no better time to get involved in Investing In Our Planet. We applaud Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast for investing care, time, passion, energy and voice towards Saving the Plant, which in turn, we can only hope will also save the people.

Save the People, Save the Planet, Earth Day
What Would We Do Without Nature?


  1. Oh? They have Hard Rock there? Great idea, save the earth, save the people!

  2. Everything starts from people. To save Mother’s Nature, we must save and educate the people first.

    Happy Earth Day!!

  3. I wish more people would get green wagon
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  4. How nice to see a “corporate giant” put their money where their mouth is with focusing on sustainability and biodiversity! Your introduction really puts a lot into perspective. Time for many to wake up.

  5. Attenborough did a planet documentary for Netflix. It was really though provoking. I can’t remember the title of the documentary now. He did mention that richer countries ought to help out poorer countries, so we all could prosper and build a greener world together.

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