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Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara, Arcoris Plaza

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The Kaiteki team has just opened their fourth clinic. The latest branch is in in Arcoris Plaza, Mont Kiara, and is positioned to be their flagship. Founder Dr Jessie Lim is no stranger to the aesthetics scene in Kuala Lumpur. She has worked with several leading doctors over the years and, in 2020, opened her own centre providing medical aesthetic treatments in a spa-like setting. The brand now has four branches and nine licensed doctors passionate about providing “detail-oriented Japanese hospitality and whole-hearted customer service.”

Always ready to explore the latest pro-aging treatments (ripening with grace rather than attempting to turn back time), I welcome with gratitude the latest Kaiteki Clinic in Mont Kiara, located much closer to my home than the other branches in SS2, Bukit Jalil and Shah Alam. Conveniently positioned on a quiet floor above Qra supermarket and below a bunch of cafes we love (Proof, RaFt) in Arcoris Plaza, Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara is private but accessible. 

Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara
Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara, Arcoris Plaza

Consultation Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara

It’s great to see Dr Jessie Lim once more. She has helped me several times over the past few years. I’ve always felt in safe hands, under no pressure to purchase, and comfortable that she will give me a realistic assessment of my skin and the possibilities for improvement. 

When analysing faces, Dr Jessie looks at “skin” and “structure.” Procedures such as Botox and medical-grade facials treat the skin, while injectables such as fillers work on the structure. As you age, it’s often the case that addressing both gives optimal results. 

Worth noting is that consultations are free at Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara! You can talk about your concerns and have your skin assessed by a professional before committing to a purchase.


Facials at Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara are always a sound place to start. They embrace the centre’s foundations in a single treatment – medical-grade results in a relaxed spa-like setting. Several are on the menu, and each is customised to suit individual skin concerns. If your skin is in pretty good condition and you’re just looking for maintenance, I suggest the Signature Hydroglow Treatment. 

The Signature Hydroglow Treatment (RM 380, new customers get RM 100 rebate)perks up dry and dull skin with good exfoliation and deep hydration. Massage is incorporated throughout. Sessions begin with attention to the neck and shoulders, and then as masks and creams are left to do their job, massage is once again a pleasant luxury. 

The steps of a traditional facial are followed with cleansing, extraction, toning, moisturising, serum and sunscreen. However, the products – lactic acid, salicylic acid and growth factors – are medical-grade, and so is the machinery for the exfoliation and application. 

I’m in the masterful hands of Ariel for the facial, and she sure does a thorough job. Hands down, she does the best extraction I’ve ever had, ensuring that not a single pore is left untouched. Post-facial, my skin feels clean, fresh and well-moisturised. 

Lip Filler Kuala Lumpur
Skin Aesthetic Centre, Plaza Arcoris

Botox KL

Skin primed by the facial, it’s ready to maximise the benefits of further procedures. I’m not a newbie to Botox (starts at RM 600 for a small area with complimentary touch-up), so I immediately agree when Dr Jessie suggests topping it up. Injected in the right amounts, it literally works magic in making expression lines and wrinkles disappear. My doctor knows I’m not keen on the plastic look (neither is she). She tends to under-inject rather than over, allowing wiggle room to top up if need be, rather than overdoing something that will take months to reverse. A few pricks around my crow’s feet, frown and forehead, and four days later, I’m looking refreshed – as if I’ve just returned from a relaxing vacation, as opposed to hot-off-the-Barbie production line.

Lip Filler Kuala Lumpur
Treatment Room, Aesthetic Centre Plaza Arcoris

Lip Filler KL – Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara

Lastly, I’ve been watching my lips slowly shrink with the years, and more fine lines appear around the edges (technically called the philtrum – the area between your upper lip and septum). I’m curious if lip filler will slow down the process a little, but also cautious about ending up with “duck” lips. It’s important to have a thorough consultation to balance desired results with realistic ones that will look natural for your face type. My goal is a refreshed look rather than big and sexy. Dr Jessie recommends Juvederm Volbella Hyaluronic Acid filler and a six-point hydro lift, which aims to enhance and volumise without looking artificial. I’m in!


The lip filler (RM 1600 – 2000 per syringe) procedure is surprisingly fast, and the downtime is incredibly low. First, the area is cleansed, and numbing cream is applied. The effects kick in in around 10-15 minutes, and the skin is ready for the Juvederm Volbella Hyaluronic Acid injections. The filler contains Lidocaine, a type of local anesthetic, which means only a small amount of pain is felt at the injection site. Dr Jessie is fast and accurate, and the whole process is over in less than 10 minutes. 

Lip Filler KL Results

The effects are immediate. The lip filler reduces lines, increases elasticity and hydration and provides subtle enhancement. As mentioned, I air on the side of caution, so only a small amount of lip filler has been injected. I return two weeks later to reassess the results and have a top-up. Dr Jessie recommends gradually increasing the amount over time to achieve natural-looking results. 

Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara
Before & After Lip Filler Kuala Lumpur

Lip Filler Downtime & Lasting Effects

I have zero downtime after the first injection. Following the second session, with a bit more lip filler, my lips are slightly swollen and tender for a bit under 24 hours. Ice compresses reduce the swelling, and the Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara team also provide me with Arneca gel to take home to lessen any bruising (but I didn’t have any). Post-lip filler care involves avoiding strenuous activities, swimming, smoking, using straws, and drinking alcohol and hot drinks for 48 hours.

If you’ve only had a small amount of lip filler injected, you can expect results to last for approximately four to six months. More filler equals longer results. 

Lip Filler KL Review

I’m extremely happy with the results of the lip filler at Kiateki Clinic Mont Kiara and wouldn’t think twice about doing it again. Only experienced board-certified aesthetic physicians carry out this procedure, and only high-quality, premium hyaluronic acid filler is used. Every session is customised to the individual with lip fillers used to enhance shape and angle, correct asymmetry, and boost natural, supple-looking lips. The session and downtime were surprisingly fast! Furthermore, if you don’t like the results, they can be reversed by dissolving the filler with an enzyme (hyaluronidase).

Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara

Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara is a welcome addition to the area. Experienced board-certified aesthetic physicians supported by kind and professional staff ensure every patient is welcomed and well-cared for. The centre offers the latest in technology, only premium products and customised treatments. They’re one of the top few professionals in Kuala Lumpur whom I trust with my face.

Reasons to visit Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara: new flagship branch; conveniently located but very private due to its position; experienced board-certified aesthetic physicians; medical-grade treatments in a spa-like setting; free consultations; currently in love with lip filler!

Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara
Lot LG3-2-LG3-3A, Arcoris Plaza
10, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
+6 011 3332 5126

Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara Opening Hours
Weekdays: 10 am – 7 pm
Weekends: 10 am – 6 pm
Closed: Thursday

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