April 2019

Beer Bank KL

Beer Bank KL, Craft Beer at Retail Prices

Words by Maggie Casey   Photos by Monica Tindall It was a Monday afternoon when Monica and I found ourselves sipping delicious brews and soaking up the casual setting of the Beer Bank. Located on Jalan Raja Chulan, Beer Bank acts as a paradise for those looking to e…

hidden restaurant and bar Kuala Lumpur

Brixton 23, Hidden Bar, Bukit Bintang

Words: Maggie Casey Photos: Monica Tindall As Monica and I somewhat tepidly make our way into what appears and is in fact, an operating high-end suit tailors shop, I get a rush of excitement in my stomach about what is to come. KL is a city that never ceases to […]

wine and pork KL

Atlas Gourmet Market, Four Seasons Place KL

Words: Vincent Chin Photos: Monica Tindall For just that second, I wanted that warm juiciness to hover in my happy place a bit longer when Caning broke it, “Oh my God! This pork is good!” I know! Atlas Gourmet Market, Four Seasons Place KL The Atlas Gourmet Market at F…

Burger on 16 KL, Best Burgers Bukit Bintang

Burger on 16 KL, Best Burgers Bukit Bintang

Burger on 16 Words: Charlotte Donvang & Monica Tindall   Photos: Rich Callahan I haven’t had a burger for ages! Having a craving for one was not the problem. The difficulty lay in not knowing of any place that served a decent burger in KL. Well, that has now been …

Soma Cocktail Bar TTDI

Soma Cocktail Bar, Almost Hidden Bar TTDI

Words: Kitty Lang Photos: Monica Tindall Nestled between two shop fronts in TTDI you can find an unassuming, grey staircase, leading to an unremarkable door, with a simple sign ‘Soma’. Reveal the meaning of the word – ancient Hindi for ‘the drink of the Gods…