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Living Enchilada

Cardiac Arrest         Organic Matcha Soy Latte         Aphrodisiac

Cheesy Shroom Sandwich
Arugula Fruit Salad
Dr. Phil πŸ™‚
You don’t have to twist my arm to return to Living Food, a little whisper that there are new additions to an already delicious menu are enough. Borrowing one of their quotes, “You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice,” Living Food makes positive selections easy. The recent items will change even the most stubborn stereotypes about healthy food and its supposed lack of taste. Chef Erin’s creation, the Living Enchilada featuring a raw tortilla made from fresh corn, almonds and flax, packed with veges, guacamole and nut cream, has had even my stubborn carnivorous husband returning twice this week (without me!) to grab if for lunch. The Cheesy Shroom Sandwich is a tasty yet thoughtful balance of protein, fats and carbs, and the Arugula Fruit Salad is not only beautiful but nutritious and scrumptious with green leaves, seasonal fruits, sprouted walnuts and a balsamic lemongrette. 
Beneficial beverages make an appearance in the current line up too. Hubby’s favourite, the Cardiac Arrest – a refreshing and tangy mix of pineapple, passionfruit, lemon and arginine claims to aid with the cleansing of your arteries and the natural control of blood pressure. A hanger-on from Valentine’s Day, The Aphrodisiac is a creamy rich blend of rose banana and chocolate, and for tea lovers, the Organic Matcha Soy Latte is a lovely warm drink to end your meal. 
Living Food offer catering, “drive through” (call in advance and you can pass through for pick up) and take away. Environmentally friendly cane fibre and cardboard containers are provided, but you are also encouraged to bring your own reusable tubs to further minimize your eco footprint. Ogle their blackboard for weekly specials – new handiworks pop up regularly based on what’s fresh, seasonal and the inspirations of the cooks.
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Living Food Bistro Cafe
G-04 Ground Floor Menara Tan & Tan (opposite Icon building next to USA Embassy)
50400 Kuala Lumpur
+6 016 888 9123
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  1. the foodstuff there looks really healthy, it reminds me of O'Briens, serving similar dishes.

    Latest: Penang Food Festival

  2. Drive through surely come in handy……
    Living enchilada looks delicious… d tortilla…

  3. New menu? Devil and I haven't even tried the old menu yet! πŸ˜›

  4. I have been wanting to visit this place after seeing so many posts on it. Are there a lot of ppl during lunch time?

    • During the week I can never get over there. I've been there later in the afternoon between 4 and 6pm which is pretty quiet and on a Saturday – average crowd.

  5. Ooh salads! I've been craving salads recently! This was quite inspiring. I will get similar bread too to make a sandwich. Yum! I actually prefer sloppy sandwiches/burgers…

  6. oooh, the Cardiac Arrest is certainly ironically named! with that name, i'd have expected an artery-clogging concoction from any other place, but i guess we can be assured that everything that comes out of living food's kitchen is heart-healthy to the fullest πŸ˜€

  7. i like the idea of drive through hahaha! living food looks too healthy for me, but i wouldnt mind those enchilada (:

  8. I had the Sarawak laksa and it was good!
    There should add more items for the desserts section..heheh.. luv desserts!

  9. very healthy food – the salad reminds me of the garlic flake seafood salad down at Cameron Valley Tea House in Bangsar – super tasty and healthy (no msg) and great for low-carb dieters too. Should check it out when you can – plus they have the original cameron highlands tea range on sale (btw- this brand is the ONLY 100% cameron highlands tea left ). Oh and Cameron Valley recently launched their 'Herbal refreshers ' range of tea with Ginger, Misai Kucing and Tongkat Ali infusions. Maybe the living room can collaborate with this brand πŸ˜‰ and come up with new concoctions!

  10. healthy food – reminds me of the garlic flake seafood salad at Cameron Valley Tea house on Telawi 8 Bangsar – tasty and super healthy (no msg, low carb!) oh and they just released their new range of 'Herbal Refreshers'teas – with Ginger, Misai Kucing and Tongkat Ali infusions ( maybe Living Room can collaborate with Cameron Valley to come up with more healthy concoctions using their herbal range πŸ˜‰ cos they're all about natural remedies

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