Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple’s Spa Package

What a pleasant surprise we found in our personal discovery of the Swasana Spa in the Impiana KLCC Hotel. Located in the middle of the Golden Triangle, this city spa provides a contemporary haven of tranquility: a distinct separation from its hectic metropolitan surrounds.
Immediately our breathing slows, our shoulders uncurl, and our minds begin to disentangle from the stresses of the street as we enter the neutral-toned, serene spa ambience. Artfully placed lighting creates movement as it reflects off running water, matching the sound with a visual. Organic materials such as wooden panels, rocks and single stemmed flower arrangements contribute further to the general ambience of calm.
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
Reception Lounge
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
Reflexology and Pedicure Area
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
Thai Massage Room
Seated in the reception lounge, soft classical tunes hum in the background, as we take a sip of cool tamarind juice and refresh ourselves with peppermint and lavender scented moist towels. Stimulating and not overly sweet, the spa beverage is well chosen.
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
Tamarind Juice and Cold Towel
We’re here to try out the Asmara Dana spa package (120 minutes, RM470 per person), which is especially designed for couples, honeymooners and those celebrating a special occasion. Beginning with a body scrub, continuing with a rose petal bath and concluding with a relaxing full body massage, couples are enticed to be scrubbed, soaked and kneaded into a total state of bliss.
While the line-up of treatments is prearranged in the package, guests may customize the session by choosing which type of scrub, oil and intensity of massage pressure is used.
My selection, the Royal Javanese Lulur scrub, made from rice powder, turmeric and cinnamon, is a product used in Javanese Royal Court beauty rituals and promises to soften, refine and rejuvenate the skin. Turmeric is also believed to be antiseptic and anti-aging (you can see what hooked me in right?) The ritual concludes with a moisturizing of the skin with fermented milk.
Hubby’s convinced that the Tonkat Ali scrub, which is a finer blend of rice powder, red clay and ground tongkat ali leaf, will be gentle enough for his sensitive skin. Blended with aphrodisiac spices and essential oils of cardamom, nutmeg and patchouli, it displays a rather masculine aroma.
Massage oils pledge various benefits with different scents: Spice; Relax; Energize; Calm; and Balance. Hubby’s fond of Calm, with hints of ylang ylang and geranium, while I plump for Relax showcasing aromas of lavender.
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
Massage Oils and Scrubs
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
Treatment Rooms
As we’ve signed up for a couple’s package our session takes place in a suite. Equipped with private toilet, shower, steam room, locker, lounge, twin beds and double Jacuzzi, the space is ample. Dressed in our disposable underwear, robes and shower caps (which are all provided) we begin with a ritual footbath. Peppermint essential oil and rose petals scent the water as our therapists cleanse and gently massage our tootsies.
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
Area for Footbath
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
Couple’s Suite
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
In Suite Shower and Steam Room
Transferring to the beds, we find them more than long enough for our tall frames, and the official programme commences. Scrubbed from shoulders to toes on both sides, we find the hands of both therapists skillful, swift and considerate in their application.
Scrubs are not our favourite menu items at any spa, it’s usually the after effects, when our skin is smooth and glowing, that make us happy we’ve endured the brief moments of stickiness. True also in this case, it’s when we’re soaking in the flower bath following the exfoliation that we appreciate the smoothness of our skin, and note too that the excess dry skin removal will most likely help our dermis to take better advantage of the bath and massage oils.
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
Floral Bath
The massage part of the package is traditional Balinese style using long strokes, stretching, palm and thumb pressure. It’s said to improve circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems, but really we don’t care. The treatment is so wonderfully blissful that the pure pleasure we get from just-the-right pressure, and release of muscle tension is benefit enough. Again, the ladies demonstrate masterful technique in manipulating our bodies into divine rapture.
Dressed again, a warm ginger tea in the lounge area, with windows overlooking the pool, completes the session.
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
Relaxation Lounge Area
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
Ginger Tea
If you enjoy the treatments as much as we did, you might like to take home some of Swansana’s very own spa products, either as a gift for someone special or a sweet reminder of the wonderful experience. We bring back the Calm massage Oil, Calm Essential Oil, Calm Lotion and Botanica Soap. All custom made for Swasana from natural ingredients, we assume these will be far better for our skin than some of the commercial labels we currently have in our bathroom.
Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel, Couple's Spa Package
Swasana Spa Products
Reasons to visit: Asmara Dana spa package for couples; a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day; contemporary fresh ambience.
Swasana Spa Impiana KLCC Hotel
13 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2147 1111
Open daily 10am – 10pm
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  1. Wow, this looks like the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. Is that saffron that I see as one of the fragrances in the treatment room? You know, I have heard so much about saffron….I even see it here in stores but it is something I don't believe I have ever tried. It is expensive here.

  2. Elegant ambience, & I'm surprised the spa even has Tonkat Ali treatments. Pretty cool, dear! xoxo

  3. Been ages since I last had a really good massage. No good, decent ones here…if you catch the drift. 🙁

  4. i like the look of the floral bath … and the tub appears so comfortably huge! 😀

  5. He he.. That Tongkat Ali really cracks me up!

  6. Floral bath looks appealing.

  7. Classy, i like the floral bath that they have prepared for you guys 🙂

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