Farm To Table - If Only KL Seasonal Menu

Farm to Table KL – If Only Seasonal Menu

Farm to Table KL – If Only Seasonal Menu

Monica Tindall

With their own orchard in Hulu Langat, the team behind If Only KL is offering a farm to table experience. Based on the freshest harvest from their farm, the chef creates recipes for seasonal menus. Currently, crops are reaping an abundance of fruits, veg and herbs, with durians being a highlight for many.

Farm to Table KL – If Only Seasonal Menu

If Only Restaurant KL has two farm to table menus at the moment – one with grilled spring chicken (RM 128) and one with braised beef brisket (RM 148). Both are suitable for four people and come with a side and durian sticky rice. Although, if you’re not a die hard fan of the stinky fruit, it can be switched out for mango if you prefer (24- hour advance order required for mango).

It’s a convenient meal to pre-order and heat up later or to cook on the spot. We try the chicken, which is pre-cooked and packed in a vacuum pack. We boil the bag for a few minutes before pan-frying the pieces until golden. It’s minimal work but the little bit of do-it-yourself brings great satisfaction. There’s a yummy Isaan dipping sauce, nicely balanced with a gentle sweet spice to it to go with the chicken.

Farm To Table - If Only KL Seasonal Menu
Farm to Table – Chicken

While many might think the animal protein the star, I think the rice salad paired with it is a worthy contender. Red rice and butterfly pea flower rice make a vibrant centre. Dried coconut, torch ginger, crispy rice, green mango, pomelo, bean sprouts, lemongrass, dried prawns, kaffir lime leaf, green string beans, edamame and cucumber surround it. It’s to be mixed together and tossed with the dressing just before serving. Having the ingredients separated gives you the choice of omitting or reducing anything you don’t like or eat. This salad is the protagonist for me! I love, love, love the freshness of it all.

Farm To Table - If Only KL Seasonal Menu
Farm to Table – Rice Salad

So, you already know I am yet to grow a fondness for durian but I’ve seen the photos (and heard the recommendations) on what the If Only team have growing at Hulu Langat. And, on all accounts, their crop seems to have been a bumper one this year. If you’re so inclined, the original menu sees musang king durian bubur, surrounding pandan sticky rice, with crispy rice and coconut milk as condiments. As mentioned earlier, we substitute the durian with Thai mango and are very pleased.

Mango Sticky Rice
Mango Sticky Rice

To Order

The farm to table seasonal menu from If Only KL is available on Beepit and Grab. However, if you WhatsApp them directly on +6017 288 2243 and live in the Ampang Hilir area, you may just get Keith, Jean or one of the team themselves bringing it to your door. In my case, I’m just a block or two away, so was in luck! I certainly appreciate the social contact, albeit brief, from a friendly face in our community.

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  1. Durian sticky rice? No photo of that? I’ve only had mango all the time for a long while now but I had durian once – can’t remember if that was in Singapore or in Bangkok and it was so so so good!!!

  2. Wow, that salad looks so colourful, yum yum. Cheers Diane

  3. The blue colour is a little off putting it doesn’t look natural. But the food offerings look delicious.

  4. That rice salad is so vibrant with a rainbow of colors! Filling yet so healthy.

  5. I had their beef brisket and it was absolutely wonderful.

  6. The rice salad is as colourful as leicha.
    Have you tried leicha before?

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