Kita Food Festival November 2022

Conversations & Ideas – Kita Food Festival 2022

Part of the F&B Industry? Here are six reasons why you should attend Kita Food Festival’s Conversations & Ideas

The professional universe of the F&B industry is so much more than waiting on tables or devising menus. From farm to kitchen to table and everything else in between, this is a business that commands creativity, tenacity, strategy, communication and partnership from all its stakeholders.

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Conversations & Ideas

Kita Food Festival’s Conversations & Ideas is an all-day symposium for the F&B industry by leaders of the industry that will be informative, enlightening and even a little controversial. 

Below, co-founders Darren Teoh from Dewakan and Leisa Tyler give their six reasons why every chef, restaurateur, farmer and foodie with a genuine interest in food should sit up and attend this full-day symposium at W KL on Monday, 28 November 2022.

Conversations & Ideas KL
Leisa Tyler – Conversations & Ideas
  1. It’s an independent platform within the industry with zero commercial or political angles.
  2. Every stakeholder from as many strata in F&B is welcome to listen and learn from each other’s hopes, failures, ideas, inspirations, aspirations and frustrations.
  3. It’s easier to tackle the complex and uncomfortable questions that are often neglected when you’re in it together.
  4. Intellectual discourse and meaningful discussions always encourage growth.
  5. Shared ideas that explore and look to the future can and will build a more robust, more resilient industry and community.
  6. Make new industry friends and tap into each other’s knowledge banks.

For RM270 per person, each ticket includes a full day’s entry, access to nine talks and four-panel discussions by top industry leaders, a 2-course lunch at Flock, W KL‘s all-day diner, and beers during the (invaluable!) networking session.

At its core, Kita Food Festival is about the fraternity, inspiring and building a more sustainable and authentic F&B industry. 

Book a seat at the (metaphorical) table, paving the F&B industry one success story at a time via this link.

Kita’s dining events and masterclasses are available here.

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Conversations & Ideas KL
Conversations & Ideas Agenda


  1. That sure looks like a real interesting event!
    Good luck, all the best to all organisers and participants. Hope it will be a roaring success.

  2. Would be such an honour to attend this unique and insightful event!

    • I would like to join the Malaysia 1st ever f&b conversation & ideals event to understand more about f&b industry. Thoughts from several guest from Singapore like Loh Lik Peng , ceo of Unlisted Collection. Also local panel like Darren teoh and Ong from Chocolate Concierge .

      It will be an eye opener event for me and my friend. Definitely we can learn alot during the conversation =)

  3. Would love to be in the event and opportunity to engage with the industry people

  4. Edric Lee Mun Hoong

    The lineup and topics are really interesting! Anyone and everyone in the F&B industry will definitely benefit from this talk! Hope to be able to be part of it.

  5. Amazing stuff and lineup! Everyone in the F&B industry will definitely benefit from the talk. It would be amazing to be part of it

  6. Edric Lee Mun Hoong

    Amazing lineup and topics! Definitely an event not to miss! Would love to be a part of this insightful event

  7. Would love the opportunity be a part of this event!

  8. Wah so easy mou…I wanna eat good food with someone who means something to me… Haha.. simple as that..

  9. Has been in F&B industry for few years and definitely wish to attend this talk to further improve in running restaurant operation and business!

  10. Food is love.It brings people together from many different levels. Attending this event will definitely be a joyful and memorable one as it shares a beautiful exciting journey of ones love for food !
    Would love to attend this event, having to meet people who share the same passion, anything but FOOD!! 🙂

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