Adnan Nitu

Adnan Nitu, F&B Executive (Puteh Holdings Sdn Bhd)

Adnan Nitu

In this interview, Adnan Nitu, shares his learning in the food and beverage industry and tells us about a new concept, The Cock’s Tail Bar.

What do you do?

I specialise in all things related to food & beverage, from the front of the house to the back for Puteh Holdings (The Crane, Puteh Beach Bar & Puteh Rooftop Bar). And also, I am a mixologist.

How did you get into the industry?

In 2010, I stepped foot in the food and beverage industry while doing my business management diploma. I worked for Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur, Pampas Group, Olive Tree Group & now in Puteh Group. I built my career from the bottom up.

Share with us a story from behind the scenes.

I am grateful for many people who helped me learn and develop my career, my mentors, my teachers, Mr Alex Martin, Mr Kana Theva & Mr Leslie Gomez, and Mr Jarrod Ang. Those people taught me a lot, from making a drink to building myself up to the management level.

What food memory from your childhood or travels stands out?

Definitely miss my grandmother’s food. She liked to use all fresh ingredients, herbs and spices in all her food. She made every single food delicious.

What’s the best/ worst part of your job?

The best part is when customers are happy with our food and drinks and become our regular guests.
The worst part is stealing and politics in the industry.

What’s one of your favourite food and beverage pairings?

I am a gin lover, so a simple gin-tonic with some nice chicken wings.

What’s one of the scariest things you’ve seen behind the scenes?

During the preparation of nine Flaming Lamborghinis for a guest, their table shook, and a Galliano bottle caught fire, almost hitting a lady. I caught the bottle to save her, but my hand suffered severe burns. I still have those burn marks on my hand.

The perfect day off would be…

At home or outside with my lovely wife, I am looking for new food or a long ride.

A day in the life of Adnan Nitu is…

Preparing and planning for the best. Checking all outlet operations and ensuring all in-house teams are well and ready for work. I check the food and beverage quality, service, training staff and research the latest trends.

What does Adnan Nitu do for fun?

I like to travel and explore nature. Often I travel with my partner of crime, my lovely wife, Mrs Amirah Jaffar and sometimes, I go on a long ride on my motorbike.

What would you like guests to know about the newly opened Cock’s Tail Bar?

Just think, when you take an alcoholic drink, it will also benefit your health. Sounds nice, right? The Cock’s Tail Bar is my new concept, where guests can enjoy cocktails with many health benefits. Cocktail recipes use Chinese natural and herbal medicine with Malaysian herbs and spices. Every product comes with a lot of research, zero wastage, a fermentation process to offer a good balance of flavour with alcohol. When guests step into the bar, they can see a Chinese medicine shop and bar all in one.

How have you grown in your profession? What are your key learnings from your start in the industry until now? Any misconceptions?

I have grown in this profession through studying, practising, training, teamwork, and a thirst for learning. Feedback is essential for this profession, so you want to find more solutions and help your business grow in this challenging market. Sharing your knowledge with others is also important.

What do you want people to know about working in the bard industry as a profession?

There’s lots to learn, and learning never stops. You need daily practice and love for your profession. Try to do a daily study about your profession and get as much training as possible.

What’s your view on the food and beverage scene in Kuala Lumpur?

The restaurant scene in Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant tapestry of flavours and cultures. The city is a paradise for food enthusiasts. From bustling street food stalls to fine-dining establishments showcasing innovative fusion dishes, KL offers a lot to excite both locals and tourists alike.

What practices do you currently implement or hope to implement to work towards social responsibility and sustainability in the future?

In pursuit of social responsibility and sustainability, we prioritize sourcing local organic ingredients to minimize our ecological footprint and support local communities. Our commitment extends to reducing food and beverage waste through portion management and composting. We continually assess our supply chain for ethical practices, striving to support fair labour and environmentally-conscious suppliers. We aim to promote plant-based foods and reduce greenhouse gases through creative menu design. Regular engagement with customers and stakeholders allows us to evolve our practices, ensuring a greener future for the food and beverage industry.

What can guests look forward to in the upcoming months?

There are new cocktails on the menu, and many guests shift with new products.

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