Best Stalls in Kuala Lumpur

Best Stalls in Kuala Lumpur
Popiah at Say Huat
Best Stalls in Kuala Lumpur
Moonlight Beef Keow Teow at Ah Hock

Okay, so I don’t claim to have covered all of the delicious stalls around the city, but… here are a few of my favourites:

Uncle Aru – Tandoori

Zaini Satay – Satay

Valentine Roti – Roti Canai

Suzi’s Corner – Cheap tender New Zealand tenderloin steaks, naan

Best Stalls in Kuala Lumpur
Satay at Zaini Satay

Say Huat – Porridge and Popiah

Ah Hock – Three Layer Claypot, Fish Head Curry, Sambal Prawns, Moonlight Beef Keow Teow

Which stalls get your mouth watering?

Best Stalls in Kuala Lumpur
Tandoori Chicken at Uncle Aru’s


  1. I like to try the Moon Light Keow Teow at Hock section 17 ! Thanks !

  2. Tried the Moonlight kway teow at Dengkil. It was very nice…

  3. Should try Mali's Corner next to Festival City Mall, Danau Kota. Have a great char kuetiau and nasi lemak:)

  4. Upss…can try 1 popular stall Dett Station at Ampang..popular with nasi lemak, char kuetiau and special menu burger 'rusa'

  5. nice pic of the tandoori chicken, with the glistening surface of the meat! 😀

  6. I like the roti canai from Valentine Roti! Is where we celebrate our valentine this year! 😛

  7. I wouldn't mind getting one as they are simply gorgeous and looks delicious.

  8. Wah, popiah! Fillings look delicious!

  9. Lovely list! I din know about all these
    Will explore them with ur list

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