Best Coffee Spots in the City Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

There’s no hiding I’m a caffeine addict, and a snobby one at that. I enjoy a variety of flavours in beans and roasts, but beans, machines and baristas must all work together to pull an agreeable cup. Here are my personal favourite cafes for savouring a good cup of coffee around Kuala Lumpur city centre:

Best Coffee in Kuala Lumpur (city centre)

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Feeka has it all – indoor/ outdoor seating areas, a little bit of green, good brekkies, yummy pastries and excellent coffees. It’s a fantastic spot for weekend brunch.

best coffee in Kuala Lumpur
Our favourite coffee spot in Avenue K – not just for great coffee, but for deliciously healthy food too.
best coffee in KL
Great coffee and cake in a trendy setting in an unexpected location.
best coffee in KL

So they don’t use third wave beans, but the Illy label they do stock produces a good standard cup and the baristas here work the machines like magicians.

Best Coffee in KL
La Boca Cafe
We’ve often moaned over the lack of quality coffee options in KLCC. But we shall no longer do so with the introduction of Eight Ounce Coffee Co. Besides coffee, don’t miss their Salted Caramel Affogato and decadent chocolate desserts.

best coffee KLCC
Eight Ounce Coffee Co.
Three Dimensional coffee art – what’s not to love in this cool cafe in Chinatown?

Coffee Amo, pudu, chinatown
Coffee Amo

Where are your favourite spots to get a good dose of caffeine in Kuala Lumpur?

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  1. I go for black, extra strong and black. That one in the photo of those at the 2nd place looks pretty good.

  2. love me good coffee, black or with fancy froth milk, tho the 3D art thing I still don't know what to think about. hahah

  3. Cafe Amo, for sure 🙂
    It's fun and it looks yummy too 🙂

  4. Good coffee seems to exist with cool milky toppings! KL is definitely improving its coffee scene 🙂

  5. LOKL Coffee
    Jln Tun HS Lee
    Great coffee & food served indoor & outdoor

  6. oh 8ounce coffee were good but not as good though and I feel their coffee a lil bit to pricey!…I love espressamante in Pavillion thats my fav so far…but I have not visit most you mentioned yet…..i will visit them soon…..

  7. Coffee is <3… I am really fan of drinking coffee; I can’t help it I am just addict of it. And coffee maker really helps my coffee to bring out the real taste of it. AllBestCoffeeMakers gives me the best coffee maker ever. Anyway I really love the coffee photos that you put here in your blog. It’s really tempting.

  8. Coffee Coffea in Bangsar, Artisan in Bangsar Village 2, 8oz coffee in midvalley megamall and Yeast in Bangsar all have great coffee.

  9. Coffee Coffea in Bangsar, 8 oz in midvalley megamall and Artisan in Bangsar Village 2 are my favourites x

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