Earth-friendly Practices We Love in Hotels

Our world is surely not in a healthy state. This can be overwhelmingly depressing for those educated enough to understand the big picture. But there is hope and here we highlight some of the practices we’ve seen in hotels that do make a positive difference. The biggest change agent however is you. You need to tell management that you want more earth friendly choices and influence with your consumer dollar. While this list is by no means comprehensive, here we highlight a selection of:

Earth-friendly Practices We Love in Hotels

No Plastic Packaging and Use of Local Produce

The Surin – wraps local dried fruit in a leaf packet. Nothing ends up in the landfill and local produce means very few miles to transport and too support of local business.

The Surin Phuket
Local Dried Fruit in Leaf Packaging

Reusable Containers for Bath Products

Sri panwa – provides reusable containers for bath products. While it’s nice to take home a memory from your stay (especially if the products are of high quality) all of those tiny bottles produce a lot of waste per millilitre and mostly end up in landfill. Reusable containers not only feel more luxurious but help the environment by reducing waste too.

earth friendly hotel practices
Reusable Containers for Bath Products – Sri panwa

Positive Community Involvement

Andara Resort and Villas – involves all staff and management in community focused programs. Everyone from the GM to the front desk staff take part in the clean up of the local beach a few times a week. Education of the community too is a vital part of what they do.

earth friendly hotel practices

No Plastic Water Bottles

Rasa Sayang by Shangri-La’s Water Bottling Plant – Everyday the use of plastic water bottles causes massive amounts of waste from hotels around the world. Shangri-La has made a serious commitment to reduce the strain on natural resources that results from the production and disposal of plastic bottles through the creation of their own water bottling plant. Glass bottles are reused providing guests with their choice of still or sparkling water, minus the excessive waste and drain on materials in making disposable products.

earth friendly hotel practices
Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa’s Water Bottling Plant

Engagement of Environmental Specialists

The Andaman – A marine biologist at this resort runs a coral nursery attempting to rehabilitate the damaged coral of the Datai Bay. Involvement of guests not only provides an awesome experience, but too educates visitors on what steps they can take to protect the reef.

andaman langkawi
Coral Nursery Guided Exploration

Gaya Island – A marine biologist here has set up a turtle sanctuary attempting to rehabilitate injured turtles. Polluted waters, motorized boats and poaching of eggs have led to a mass reduction of the turtle population which in turn messes up the whole eco system. The team here work to rescue turtles and too educate guests as to what they can do to make a positive difference.

gaya island resort, ytl
Clown Fish

Reduction of Water and Chemicals For Laundering Linens

The Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa – recognizes the excess waste of water, energy and use of chemicals in the daily laundering of sheets and towels. While most hotels give the option of placing a symbol on the bed and hanging towels indicating guests don’t need them washed daily, The Westin rewards guests for their positive choice by providing cash coupons that can be used in the hotel’s food outlets.
westin resort and spa langkawi
Andaman Sea
Reduction of Chemicals in Swimming Pools
Rasa Sentosa Resort – employs a particle-physics based water management system. This means instead of using a barrage of chemicals, as is the case in most pools, Rasa Sentosa Resort is able to employ a minimal amount of chlorine – only that legally required by the government authorities. A reduced impact on our earth is the result, but it’s also of considerable benefit to our bodies. Those with sensitive skin and or young children will be particularly pleased to emerge from the water irritant free.
Singapore Shangri-La
Rasa Sentosa Resort

Saying No to Shark’s Fin

Shangri-La’s Across the World – led the way for other hotels around the world to refuse the sale of shark’s fin. Overfishing and waste of this apex predator has left stocks around the world at critical levels and messed up food chains, which in turn throw the whole marine eco-system out of balance. Not only have Shangri-La hotels stopped selling the species, but they have too phased out other endangered fish such as blue fin tuna and Chilean sea-bass.
Sustainable Menu Choices
Jala Restaurant – is working on sourcing as much produce as they can from local organic farmers and educating and influencing local fisherman with their purchasing power in insisting that fish are of a certain size (given a chance to reproduce before being caught) and saying no to mommy fish.
the andaman
Organic Farm in Langkawi
Creative Addition of Green Space
PARKROYAL on Pickering – has more than doubled the size of their original site by creating vertical gardens and terraces. By harvesting rainwater, recycling water and using solar panels to power ‘grow lamps’ the hotel has created a zero energy skygarden. It cleans and cools the air naturally, in turn further reducing energy use.
parkroyal on pickering
Sky Gardens
As stated at the top, this list is by no means comprehensive. We’d love to hear about earth-friendly practices you’ve found in your travels and celebrate efforts towards a more positive future.
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  1. Ahh… so many greens! Seeing them makes me feel so happy and energetic!

  2. The most important is still the guests. I find most of the time, the hotels want to practice green policies, but in the name of 5 star luxury, they will still give you a choice whether or not to do your part. If the guests refuse to do their part, it will all be in vain.
    The linen laundry for example, most people still take it for granted and just throw all their towels to the floor for room service every single morning of their stay, just because it is 5 star service and they are entitled to do it.

  3. My favourite colour is green! It is soothing, found in nature and I love it. I think sometimes the more we know, things can be depressing. I think whoever said" "Ignorance is bliss" must have either been depressed or understood it. LOL! 🙂

  4. Double thumbs up to all!

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