Whimsy Malaysia

Whimsy Malaysia @ Skyland, Kuala Lumpur

Whimsy Malaysia

Words: Lee Ai Peng  Photos: Monica Tindall

Whimsy presents itself as Malaysia’s first multi-sensory fine-dining experience. Using projection mapping technology, it transports diners into different realms while they enjoy a five-course dinner. Brought in by the same people behind Le Petit Chef and Dining in the Sky, we prepared ourselves for an exciting evening although we were not quite sure what to expect. As each session had an allocated time slot of 90 minutes, we arrived early to ensure we did not miss out on any part of the experience. We were told latecomers would not be allowed entry, and as they say, the show must go on with or without you.

Whimsy Malaysia – Menu and First Impressions

Diners are allowed to choose from two menus crafted by renowned chef, Jeff Ramsey. Jeff heads Babe in Damansara Heights and was awarded a Michelin star while helming Tapas Molecular Bar in Tokyo. We were quite happy to go with The Gold Journey menu (RM 399), which came with two appetizers, two mains and a dessert. Alternatively, you could opt for The Platinum Journey (RM 599), which incorporates more premium ingredients into the appetizers and mains and comes with a cocktail or mocktail of choice.

To get the journey underway, we were ushered into a darkened room. We found ourselves encircled by ten glistening archways, each with a diner’s name above it. Accounting for our contemporary culture, guests were then given an opportunity to take photos before the magic continued.

First Course

With everyone seated, the room started spinning, and we found ourselves surrounded by a billion twinkling stars, rotating planets, wispy clouds and whizzing comets. Our Whimsy Malaysia host Daniella (projected on the wall) twirled and giggled as she welcomed us on our journey. The first course, Biodome, consisted of Smoked Duck & Lentil Salad, Squid Ink Risotto, Pesto and Roselle Bubbles. The risotto was made into arancini, giving it the appearance of moon rock to fit in with the celestial theme. It was crispy on the outside and had a perfect al dente texture. I had never seen such a pretty looking dish, with the fluffy pink Roselle foam resembling a nebula from the Milky Way. Offering a transition to dish number two, we were each presented with an iPad to find our constellation with its accompanying characteristics projected onto the ceiling and wall.

Second Course

As the scene transformed once again, this time, we were quite certain we had landed in the middle of a rainforest. Our second course, aptly named ‘The Nest’ was a dainty looking dish set in a nest and comprised of a 63-degree egg, asparagus, Parmesan cheese, mushroom duxelles and chicken jus. I loved the inclusion of the paku ferns and lemon cream, as it helped to balance out the creaminess from the egg and Parmesan. The croutons were also a great addition as they retained their crunchiness while soaking up all that delicious jus.

Main Courses

To progress to the first main at Whimsy Malaysia, we had to indulge in a little ‘fun dining’. Diners were asked to slap their hands on the table to crack the glass. After a good amount of beating and banging, the imaginary glass finally gave way revealing a mystical underwater world. Titled ‘The Sea’, this was my favourite course as it featured a gigantic roast scallop set in a real seashell. The scallop was plump and juicy, its flavour profile amplified by the inclusion of fork-tender sweet Japanese turnip and a well-executed beurre blanc sauce.

Before we could catch our breaths, the room dimmed once again accompanied by the eerie tinkling of circus music. “I hate clowns,” I muttered under my breath. There was no time to be afraid, however, as the room spun and we found ourselves swept up in the whirlwind of a carnival. With a name like ‘Popcorn and Chocolate’, those who are hoping dessert came early will find themselves pleasantly surprised by Whimsy’s pan-seared foie gras with chocolate-perfumed jus, free-range chicken and popcorn sauce. The chicken was tender and succulent and went perfectly with the onion jam. The dish was rounded out nicely by the savoury popcorn sauce. For ethical eaters, it is good to note that you can request a version without foie gras at Whimsy Malaysia.


We ended our journey with Whimsy Malaysia by scribbling our hopes and aspirations on an iPad. Our messages then appeared on lanterns as we watched them float off into the night sky. The real ‘Lantern’ was then placed in front of us. I took a spoon and cracked the tempered white chocolate lantern, revealing a delicious praline and dark chocolate fuilletine, silky vanilla crème pate and fresh berries.

Whimsy Malaysia Review

We thoroughly enjoyed the fine-dining experience at Whimsy Malaysia and felt that we could easily have the five-course meal on its own. Nevertheless, we were kept thoroughly entertained by the projection mapping technology as it transported us to different realms and enabled us to engage our different senses.

Reasons to visit Whimsy Malaysia: Well-executed fine-dining menu suitable for a wide range of palates. Great for special occasions and group dining.

Considerations: Beverages, including water, are excluded from The Gold Journey menu. Diners are instead given the option to order beverages from a separate menu at additional cost.

Whimsy Malaysia
Skyland, 231, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
+6 016 299 1455

Whimsy Malaysia Opening Hours

Tuesdays to Sundays (closed on Mondays)
Tuesday & Wednesday (2 sessions): 6 p.m|8 p.m
Thursday & Friday (2 sessions): 6.30 p.m| 8.30 p.m
Saturday & Sunday (3 sessions): 5 p.m|7p.m|9 p.m

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  1. Full on attack on the senses isn’t it? I’d love that scallop dish with or without the multimedia addition.

  2. Wowwww!!! That’s the most beautiful scallop I have even seen. LOL!!!

  3. He he… who says you can’t play with you food, huh? 😉

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