Outdoor Dining KL - Quin at The Five

Outdoor Dining KL – Quin at The Five, Damansara

Outdoor Dining KL – Quin at The Five, Brunch in Bukit Damansara

Words: Matt Brown
Photos: Peter Tan

The Yum List visited Quin Restaurant at The Five in Bukit Damansara in January of this year – you can read all about it here. Back then, the team was already impressed with every attention to detail and the kitchen helmed by Head Chef Whye and and her talented Senior Sous Chef Kelly, who produce modern French-inspired dishes that manage to please everyone. Our happy return at the end of 2023 was to explore the newly opened alfresco area, which has been custom-built and designed with Quin’s signature level of quality and thoughtfulness.

Outdoor Dining KL - Quin at The Five
Quin’s New Outdoor Dining Area KL
Outdoor Dining KL - Quin at The Five
Lovely Alfresco Restaurant Bukit Damansara

Once again, we were fortunate to not just experience the incredible dishes and overall experience that Quin has to offer but to do it in the company of the indefatigable owner and founder of the Tinkermen Collective, Wong Yin-How, whose passion and commitment to exceptional dining experiences has seen him create many of KL’s most beloved eateries (think Vintry, Grano, Proof, Stoked, MAZI, Osteria Emilia and Smith Breads). We are always so lucky to do what we do, especially when the company is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their work.

Outdoor Dining KL - Quin at The Five
French Restaurant at The Five
Outdoor Dining KL - Quin at The Five
Private Room at Quin

The outdoor space is a brilliant addition to Quin, as it basically doubles the capacity and allows people to have their food and wine in the airiness and natural light of the custom-built deck area. Overhead fans keep the atmosphere moving, and roll-down blinds will keep your party dry and comfortable in the event of a sudden downpour.

Brunch Damansara

Alfresco Brunch Bukit Damansara
Outdoor Dining KL with Brunch at Quin

French cuisine is such a perfect menu for a weekend brunch – sauces, pastries, flavourful vegetables and tender meats all combine wonderfully to help you ease into a relaxing day or two. From the Brunch Menu, we sampled a few of the most popular items currently at Quin, starting with the Croissant Oeufs Benedicte (RM 36). This is a glorious combination of soft-boiled egg, turkey ham and creamy hollandaise sauce, all served on a couple of light-as-a-feather mini croissants and coming with a fresh side salad.

Croissant Oeufs Benedicte
Croissant Oeufs Benedicte

The Tartines de Crevettes a L’avocat (RM 42) is an option for a sea-inspired breakfast item, with sautéed tiger prawns, chevre, paprika powder and avocado all sitting on top of some excellent sourdough toast, provided, of course by the talented folks at Smith Breadsmith. At this point, if you don’t have a coffee to enjoy with these dishes, it’s time to order one. The beans are roasted at Smith, and Mon raves that it’s one of her favourite blends in all of KL.

Outdoor Dining KL - Quin at The Five
Tartines de Crevettes a L’avocat

Finally, the Oeuf à la Florentine (RM 38) brings out more of the amazing sourdough, this time topped with soft eggs, spinach, button mushrooms and Emmental cheese. These menu items are available from 9 am to 3 pm during the weekend brunch.

Outdoor Dining KL - Quin at The Five
Oeuf à la Florentine

Outdoor Dining KL – Starters

From the main menu, available all week, we moved on to bigger dishes that are excellent for sharing and look phenomenal under the natural light of the new outdoor space.

L’asperges (RM 98) are perfectly cooked white asparagus with a sauce of gribiche, salmon roe, Avruga caviar and smoked beurre blanc – all asparagus wishes that it was served this way.

Outdoor Dining KL - Quin at The Five

The Burrata (RM 88) has lovely, mild flavours, and the tomato compote is lightened with Japanese Chitose strawberries, aged balsamic, and basil oil and served with a traditional Sicilian crisp flatbread called pane carasau.

Outdoor Dining KL - Quin at The Five

The Tartare de Bœuf (RM 138) is at a level of quality and deliciousness that you expect from the team at Quin, with hand-cut A5 wagyu beef tartare, mixed greens, confit yolk and a honey vinaigrette mixed at the table and served with a choice of sourdough bread chips or truffle potato chips.

Outdoor Dining KL - Quin at The Five
Tartare de Bœuf

Quin Mains

I need to restrain myself and my constant desire to overdo the adjectives when it comes to the Canard (RM 293). I will say that this was incredible – a seven-day aged whole duck breast, served with pickled cherries and a cherry port sauce, as well as broccolini for some delicious greens. It obviously requires advance ordering and is well worth your pre-planning, with the generous amount ideal for sharing between two to four lucky people.

Alfresco Brunch Bukit Damansara

Should the two to four guests at your table prefer something from the sea to share, the Riz au Safran (RM 238) is equally as generous and impressive: a giant char-grilled river prawn served with turkey chorizo, bell peppers, baked cherry tomatoes and saffron rice.

Alfresco Brunch Bukit Damansara
Riz au Safran

Though not as grandiose as the other two dishes, the Lasagne (RM 58) was wonderful in its own way, with a super tender beef bolognese and bechamel Emmental filling packed with flavour along with Parmigiano Reggiano and a delightful tomato sauce, all topped with a confit yolk. If, at this point, you have any leftover sourdough on your table (and why would you; it’s amazing), then it won’t last long helping to take care of the sauces on these three exquisite dishes.

Alfresco Brunch Bukit Damansara

Outdoor Dining KL – Wine List

The Tinkermen Group takes great pride in their unrivalled wine list, sourcing the best from around the globe and being quite exclusive about with whom they share their imported gems. Lucky us, dining at Quin!

To begin, an Italian white is perfect with our seafood and veg. The Pieropan Soave Classico DOC, 2021, is a vibrant wine made from 85% Garganega and 15% Trebbiano di Soave grapes grown on volcanic and limestone slopes in the heart of the Soave Classico zone. This organically produced wine sings with aromas of white blossoms and almonds, leading to a palate bursting with concentrated fruit flavours and refreshing acidity. The finish is long and lingering, leaving us wanting more.

Alfresco Brunch Bukit Damansara
Pieropan Soave Classico DOC, 2021

The Barda Pinot Noir from Patagonia (RM280), a lovely mate to our duck, is an airy and open wine with flavours of red plum and dried raspberry. It has a pure, clean feel and minerality not usually associated with pinot noirs, which allows it to be paired with great versatility across a menu. Mon is particularly fond of this one.

Later, and a fantastic match with the lasagne, Istine 2019 Vigna Casanova dell’Aia Chianti Classico DOCG bursts with ripe black cherry, plum, and lavender, followed by layers of savoury fruit and a refreshing finish. Crafted from organic grapes, it embodies the essence of the village of Radda, where it is grown.

Alfresco Brunch Bukit Damansara
Istine 2019 Vigna Casanova dell’Aia Chianti Classico DOCG

Coffee & Desserts

Should you find yourself with room left for something sweet, the desserts on offer will be sure to impress. The Parfait (RM 36) is a sweet and light white chocolate, coconut, lime, and jackfruit topped with popping candy, cleverly activated at the last moment of service by pouring some warm salted caramel over the top.

Brunch Bukit Damansara

Baba au Rum (RM 48) features light and spongy baba Napoletano, creme Madame, citrus syrup, pineapple compote and rum. Again – coffees are best suited at this point in your experience and are themselves quite delicious, with 10% Johor-grown Liberica beans and 90% Arabica roasted by Smith. Flat Whites, Cappuccinos and Lattes are RM13, with a Mocha RM14 and Long Black RM12. Teas are from Jing and RM12.

Outdoor Dining KL - Quin at The Five
Baba au Rum

Reasons to visit Quin Restaurant at The Five KL: their new outdoor dining area embraces the greenery and light that abounds at The Five, with great space for larger groups or a more intimate gathering around some excellent food and wine. Don’t forget to pre-order the duck – it’s a superstar on a menu of many wonderful options, done so well by a professional and award-winning kitchen team.

Quin Restaurant at The Five KL – New Outdoor Dining Patio
A-GF-01, Ground Floor, 5th Place @ The Five Bukit Damansara
49, Kompleks Pejabat Damansara, Jalan Dungun, Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603 2011 0220

Quin Restaurant Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:
Lunch 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Dinner 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Tuesday: Closed

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  1. That Croissant Oeufs Benedicte took my breath away. I prefer dining outdoors if it is a cool day – not all that fond of air-conditioning.

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