A “Grand” Opening for a “Little” Shop!

Sundays with Chef Peter….


I’m a sinner, I know you like it!


I am so sorry for not being present the past couple of weeks but I have just been so busy! For my grand opening party, which was possibly one of the most stressfull days of my life, I was in full swing knocking out the cake orders for the day and preparing canapés for the party when it suddenly went dark daahlings… a power cut. Power cuts happen in Phuket, more frequently than one would like and if you happen to be in the food industry, busy with an oven full of croissants and cupcakes, this can lead to a mild heart attack as you run around trying to save the rest of the goods that have not yet been cooked but will prove faster than you ever expected! At the same time you have already decided that the goods in the oven may as well stay there as you are probably going to have to bin them! It is at times like this I wish I just went into the lingerie business or became a hotel general manager!


Now me being a Virgo and my birthday being on this very day, I am the perfect drama queen and normally would calm down with a vodka or two but this day there was just too much at stake and thankfully my land lord kindly hooked me up to his generator and after a very upsetting hour and half , I was able to continue with the preparations!


Now the other thing on this very special day was the weather sweeties, it had simply been the most perfect weather with warm sunshine and glorious skies but as the day approached it got greyer and more humid but at least it did not rain until 7pm on my big day, the time I had put on the invitations for the party to start! My dear lord what did I do wrong I thought… to get all this on this very special day, there must be a reason for it! I have not got the answer for that yet but it did not spoil the party, my birthday or the evening, in a funny sort of way it made it special and I would just like to thank all my dear friends who came from near and far and my wonderful customers who support me and my dearest friends and lover who put up with me!
Here is the evening in pictures and if you have not been to Les Diables yet, please drop by or have a look at the Les Diables face book page to see what we do (and of course sweeties LIKE it!)


Oh yes Daahlings, that was the reason for the rain… God was christening Les Diables! And the power cut…  I’ll keep that one to my self…
Happy Sunday Darlings and if you’re planning a party… Have fun and, if it rains, smile and remember the above!
See you next Sunday….
Chef Peter
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