The Fat Frog, Restaurant and Bar, Langkawi

Rolling fairways, lush greenery and island outcrops endorse the leisurely island feel of a meal at The Fat Frog. The open walled former golf clubhouse billets one of Langkawi’s most promising openings this year. With pretty views, a restaurant offering hearty wholesome cuisine, and a bar launching you into the evening with a sundowner or perking up a Sunday the-morning-after, there’s much to love about this family run business.

99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
The Fat Frog, Langkawi
The Fat Frog, Langkawi
View from the Patio

The owner, Indi, and her son Benny, aim to offer hearty and healthy cuisine to visitors and residents on the island. She has constructed a vegetarian menu that is delicious and filling in its own right, with the option to include meat if so desired. Dishes feature loads of fresh veggies and whole grains, with the goal of showing diners that you don’t need a huge steak or bowl of pasta to make a dish both delicious and satiating.

The menu provides a variety of starters, mains, desserts and drinks, with daily specials making good use of fresh seasonal finds from the market.


Soup of the Day (RM8), Carrot and Coriander, is thick and rich. Although this is just a starter portion it’s a filling bowl. This and a salad would easily satisfy a big eater. A hint of black pepper leaves a gentle spice in the finish.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Soup of the Day – Carrot and Coriander

Coriander Hummus (RM15) is a lemony version of the traditional dip with fresh coriander leaves. It’s served with carrot sticks and baguette. We have a taster of the falafel balls too and find it all a nice light platter that would go especially well with a chilled glass of wine and sunset.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Hummus and Falafel


Mediterranean Salad (RM25) proves a generous portion of roasted vegetables tossed in richly spiced barley and served on a bed of lettuce. Cherry tomatoes dress it with a bright red crown and a zesty dressing makes this bowl deliciously moreish.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Mediterranean Salad

Broccoli, walnuts and sweet potato are the key ingredients in the Quiche of the Day (RM25) served a with a crisp mixed green salad. Crust is thin, ingredients aplenty, and all in makes a substantial plate.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Quiche of the Day – Broccoli, Walnut and Sweet Potato

Pesto Linguine (RM25) is tossed in their homemade pesto sauce and dressed with sautéed mushrooms and roasted vegetables. We have the veggie version but a portion of grilled chicken can be added for an extra RM5. Veggies are piled high – more than we’ve even seen in a pasta dish. Yum! This is about as guilt-free as you could hope to find if wanting to indulge your carb addiction.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Pesto Linguine

Catch of the Day (RM35 – RM42 – depending on the fish) comes daily from the morning market and today we have a fresh specimen of jenahak (golden snapper), which has been pan-fried until flaky and moist. It’s light and clean in flavour with just a dash of salt and pepper as seasoning. Fresh local vegetables, homemade acar and a choice of brown rice, white rice or sweet potato fries complete the plate.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Catch of the Day – Golden Snapper

Chicken breast and assorted vegetables are tender and soft in a mildly spicy curry in the Yellow Thai Chicken Curry (RM35). Brimming with vegetables – carrot, cauliflower, eggplant, tomato, potato and zucchini – you can get your daily five servings right in this one bowl. Choosing a meat-free version means even more veg! Just as with everything else on the menu the curry paste is made from scratch.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Thai Yellow Chicken & Veg Curry

The Topless Mexican Burger (RM35) grabs hubby’s attention immediately not just with its catchy name but too with the promise of a free-range organic beef patty. Half ciabatta roll forms the base, and melted cheese, sautéed onions, and chili beans cover the crest.  Sweet potato fries and a light salad balance out the meat.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Topless Mexican Burger


Cake of the Day is Lemon Drizzle (RM8) with Raspberry Sorbet (RM3). The sorbet is wonderfully light and a perfect refreshment in the afternoon heat. Hubby drools over the simple moist butter cake flavoured with fresh lemon, and in three monster-sized bites he’s downed the whole thing.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Cake of the Day and Sorbet

The Dessert of the Day, Apple and Berry Crumble, is more up my alley. It’s something I do myself at home when I’m pretending to have a healthy dessert. Stewed apples and berries are soft, sweet and tangy underneath, and an oaty topping gives some crumbly texture and bite to every spoonful.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Apple Crumble

We both go gaga however of the Black Rice Pudding. Surely the use of the whole grain rice counterbalances the coconut milk and gula Melaka right? Local banana slices are petite and sweet.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Black Rice Pudding


I’m delighted to see that coffee, tea and cocoa are all ethically sourced and certified as Fairtrade. Coffee is brewed from organic Arabica beans and all drinks are served as a double shot – yay! – both my social conscience and love of caffeine are fulfilled in one shot – or should I say a double?

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Juice and Coffee

A variety of fruits and vegetables are blended in the TFF Juices (RM12). My fav is the veggie based beetroot, apple, carrot and ginger. Hubby’s predilection is something on the sweeter side, and the Island Indulgence Smoothie (RM15) made with coconut water, coconut cream, mango, banana and honey, he finds so irresistible that he has it polished it off before I’ve even got the straw near my lips.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi
Smoothie – Island Indulgence

Even though we swore we wouldn’t drink today after last night’s wine paired dinner that we partook in with just a little too much enthusiasm, the price of cocktails, beer, wine and spirits are so damn cheap we feel that we can’t refuse. Kalamansi Mojito (RM12) is refreshingly not sweet. More on the tangy side and packed with fresh mint and lime, it sure beats the tropical heat. The Daiquiri (RM15) is equally pleasant with its lack of sugar syrup allowing the citrus zip to take centre stage.

The Fat Frog, 99 East Golf Club, Langkawi

As the afternoon drifts on I could easily see the day morphing into night, and lunch evolving into coffee and cake, sundowners, and perhaps even dinner. The Fat Frog is the type of place where we feel at home, nourished with tasty whole foods, and content with the relaxed appreciation for island life.

Reasons to visit: pretty views; relaxed setting; nutritious meals; family friendly.

The Fat Frog
In the former clubhouse of 99 East Golf Club
Jalan Padang Matsirat
07000 Langkawi, Malaysia
+6 04 955 1153
[email protected]
Open Tuesday to Sunday, 10:30am to 10pm.
Breakfast: 10:30 – 12:30pm
Lunch: 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:30pm – 10pm

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  1. Oh my!!! Black rice pudding!!! I’m craving for that! Can’t get it at any place here unless we cook our own. With banana added? Never had it that way before, sure would want to try.

  2. Lovely ambiance, generous portions and beautiful presentations.

  3. Looks lovely! Great addition to Langkawi’s restaurants!

  4. Looks like a place to add to our list for our visit this month! Can’t wait!

  5. Went to this place last 2 weeks coincidentally and I have fallen in love!! Would definitely visit again when Im back to Langkawi!

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