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Discovery Pico Laser KL, Pigmentation Removal

Discovery Pico Laser KL

Monica Tindall

I love to be outdoors, but the sun is just not good for my skin. Dreams of a golden tan dominated my teen years and, unfortunately, it took me quite a few burns to teach me that that was never going to happen for me. Time in the sun did not produce the healthy even glow I so desired but instead just gave me patchy freckled skin. Older and wiser, I realize I should be celebrating my natural hue and not trying to achieve something that is just not in my genes. I’m thankful that reprieve is in sight for my foolish youth with laser pigmentation removal KL through Discovery Pico Laser at Dr Jane Clinic.

Always up-to-date with the latest in technology, the team at Dr Jane Clinic use the Discovery Pico laser to treat pigmentation of the skin. In my case, I’m hoping to lighten my age spots and freckles, but it’s also useful in tattoo removal and for treatment of acne. Along the way, however, I get some unexpected benefits.

Discovery Pico

Discovery Pico is the second generation of picosecond lasers and the most cutting-edge technology currently available on the market. It’s designed to address various pigmentation issues, acne scarring and can also be used for skin rejuvenation. This laser is absorbed by pigmented lesions breaking them into tiny particles, which are then eliminated by the body’s immune system.

Discovery Pico Laser Kuala Lumpur
Discovery Pico Laser at Dr Jane Clinic

Freckle Removal Procedure

As mentioned earlier, I’m seeking to treat sun-damaged skin, specifically on my arms and d├ęcolletage. These areas were cleaned before the session, and my eyes were covered for protection. Two rounds of the laser were passed over my skin using different wavelengths. For the first, I felt a faint prickle generalized across the skin’s surface. This targeted the softer and more general pigmentation. The second round worked specifically on the darker spots. The sensation was more directed, not painful, but similar to what you might feel if flicked by a rubber band. It took around 20 minutes to complete.

Post Care Discovery Pico KL

I felt no pain after the treatment, but it was recommended to wash the area daily (normal bathing) and a direct order to always wear sunscreen and prevent prolonged exposure to the sun. A fragrance-free moisturizer such as Cetaphil works well to keep the area hydrated.

Discovery Pico KL Results

Results vary depending on skin type and what is explicitly being treated. Generally, three to six sessions are needed to achieve the desired outcome. My personal experience saw minimal change until the third session. Following the third treatment, my darkest freckles blistered about a day after the procedure, dried out and then fell off between a week and ten days later leaving a much lighter mark than before. I needed six sessions in all, however, to significantly lighten my pigmentation and give a more even appearance. I have a local girlfriend who told me her dark spots fell off after the first treatment! Results clearly vary greatly amongst individuals. As with all procedures, it is best to consult directly with the doctor about expectations and reality.

The results are said to be permanent, but the treatment does not prevent future skin damage. If you continue to expose yourself to the sun without protection, your skin will be susceptible to developing more age spots. I am grateful for the pardoning of my foolish younger years and vow to shelter myself from further harm.

Discovery Pico Laser
Before & After Discovery Pico Laser for Pigmentation

Additional Benefits of Discovery Pico Laser

Besides pigmentation removal, Discovery Pico is also an excellent tool for acne-prone skin. In the absence of acne, use of the acne setting on regular skin can lead to pore reduction, stimulation of collagen and firming of the skin, which reduces the appearance of fine lines. I tried this on my face first in combination with the vampire (A-PRP) facial offered at Dr Jane Clinic (more on the pros and cons of that facial here) and alone on subsequent visits.

The follow-up care is pretty much the same as the post-pigmentation treatment, but because of the tiny injections of the A-PRP facial, I had small dots on my face, which lasted not quite a week. Immediately following the session, I was quite red and wouldn’t recommend planning anything on the same day of the treatment, if having it on your face. Although I returned to work the next day, I might also avoid any significant events where you want to be looking fabulous for up to a week afterwards.

Happy with the results, after the initial session, I continued with the Discovery Pico on my face and neck. Each time, Dr Jane increased the intensity of the laser. As such, the redness was elevated, and so was the downtime. Growing in comfort with the laser, I was content with the additional force (even though it became a little more painful), noticing more significant benefits with each round. Observing a dramatic reduction in pore size, a gentle tightening of the skin and an even complexion, I am thrilled with the results on my face.

Discovery Pico Laser
Before & After Discovery Pico Laser on Acne Setting for Rejuvenation

Discovery Pico Price at Dr Jane Clinic

The price of laser pigmentation removal KL with Discovery Pico at Dr Jane Clinic is RM600 per session. If used for acne or skin rejuvenation, the price increases to RM800 per session. As mentioned earlier, the number of sessions required really depends on the individual’s skin condition and response to treatment.

Reasons to try Discovery Pico Laser KL at Dr Jane Clinic: a laser that is safe, fast and relatively pain-free (for pigmentation removal); permanent removal of freckles, age spots and tattoos; reduction of pore size and a subtle lift for the face; Dr Jane and her team are kind, professional and efficient.

Discovery Pico Laser KL
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