Month: September 2022

Chef Tay Chan Yong The Cave Bali

Tay Chan Yong, Head Chef, The Cave @ The Edge

Tay Chan Yong In this interview, Tay Chan Yong, head chef of The Cave @ The Edge by Ryan Clift, shares how he got into the profession and some heart-stopping anecdotes from the kitchen. What do you do?I am a chef – currently the head chef of The Cave restaurant […]

Wellness Retreat Langkawi

Wellness Retreat Langkawi, Malaysia

Wellness Retreat Langkawi – Ambong Pool Villas Monica Tindall Wellness retreats are famed in Bali and other parts of Southeast Asia, yet they are still a rarity in Malaysia. It seems a shame as the country certainly has no shortage of beautiful locations, w…

Amaala by Ambong-Ambong

Amaala by Ambong-Ambong, Spa Langkawi

Amaala Spa by Ambong-Ambong Monica Tindall It’s only been in recent years that luxury spas in Malaysia have begun to incorporate local wellness knowledge into their menu and programs more widely. Led by the granddaughter of a famous Sabahan shaman, Suzie Ahmad, …

Pegaga Langkawi, Vegan Restaurant

Pegaga Langkawi, Vegan Restaurant

Pegaga Langkawi, Vegan Restaurant Monica Tindall Perched on the side of a jungle-rich hill, Pegaga Langkawi is both green in philosophy and in setting. This vegan restaurant is part of Ambong-Ambong Rainforest Retreat, complementing its holistic wellness mi…

Hybrid KL

Hybrid KL – Concealed Lounge off Changkat

Hybrid KL Words: Sathya SelvarajahPhotos: Rich Callahan With most lounges turning into mini clubs past 10 pm, a quiet place resides in Changkat Bukit Bintang that does the opposite. Hybrid KL is a clandestine lounge for the discreet. It’s for the folk who avoid at…

Hidden Cocktail Bar Kuala Lumpur

The Rebel Penguin of Funky Town, KL

The Rebel Penguin of Funky Town Words: Han Sen Hau Photos: Rich Callahan How did the 80s become such a fascinating decade lately? With mullets making a comeback and Stranger Things dominating Netflix, it seems we cannot help but fall in love with an era that worship…

James Wong & Jenny Ying Jamboo KL

James Wong, Co-founder of Jamboo KL

James Wong – Jamboo KL In this interview, James Wong, co-owner of Jamboo KL, tells the story of how the restaurant came to be and some challenges along the way. What do you do? I grind new greens in the heart of Kuala Lumpur in the world’s first customisable lei […]

The Back Ground KL

The Back Ground KL- REXKL, Jalan Sultan

The Back Ground KL, Chinatown Words: Matt Brown Photos: Monica Tindall Within a city rapidly developing its unique spaces and unique experiences, REXKL holds a pretty special place in the hearts, minds and stomachs of many. The converted cinema somehow maintai…

Sunday Champagne Buffet Kuala Lumpur

Bubbly Brunch – Mosaic, MOHKL

Bubbly Brunch Mosaic, MOHKL Words: Claire Matheson Photos: Rich Callanan As the glory days of free-flow brunches return, Mosaic at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, is serving up a dizzying number of choices, with possibly the largest seafood buffet and desser…

Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur 2022

Ginseng Splendid Afternoon Tea

Ginseng Splendid Afternoon Tea – Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur Words: Rebecca Cannon Photos: Monica Tindall In the latest afternoon tea menu, Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur presents its well-reputed high standard with a health and beauty theme. To do this, they hav…