Happy Easter Daahlings….

You Know Daahlings, Easter is a busy time for any pastry chef and this week was no exception for me and Les Diables… so here is my week in pictures…
Not Easter without HOT X BUNS
Faberge Egg!
What to do, Kathy’s special request!
In Thai it is funny!
Love this style
Rapunzal, let down your hair…
The Prince
The Princess
Simply Beautiful
For Henry
For someone special… (real Tiffany was added)
My favourite of the week (oh and the bonking bunnies of course)
Simply Elegant
Happy Easter once again…. 
See you next week!
Chef Peter
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  1. Are those hot cross buns postable? Boy I miss home at this time of year. What a cheeky pastry chef you are. Looks like you've had a fun week. 😉

  2. Hot cross buns are pretty common here too,only during the Easter Vigil, though.

    Love the Tiffany boxes and the Easter eggs. xD

  3. That Butterfly cake is awesome!

  4. That's a lot of sweets. Like the chocolate egg and it is not a Faberge egg but I like the idea. When we were in Russia, we bought a fake Faberge egg souvenir.


    • Thanks for correcting me, this is a replica of a room which a famous Russian designer from Moscow has in her bedroom, quite amazing!
      It was her birthday cake.
      I love Faberge Eggs also…

  5. I like the butterfly cake 🙂

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