Scones, Java and Cream!

with Chef Peter….

Day My Daahlings,

my dears, is it Sunday again already! Well here in Phuket the sun is shining
and this gets the day off to a fabulous start for me, I hope the sun is shining
for you too, where ever you are!

night I was invited to a lovely dinner here for the launch of a new catamaran boat
named Java which I also had the pleasure of making for!

see darlings, not a bad effort at all if I do say myself!  Thank you John for giving me this challenge and
I wish you many happy hours sailing on Java. Looking forward to joining you one

those of you sweeties who have not had the pleasure of spending a day boating
around Phang Na bay darlings then there’s one for your bucket list as it is
wonderful, enhanced of course as always with a nice glass of chilled champagne in
had a couple of comments last week about my duck cottage pie recipe with the
picture of the live ducks on the heading. Sorry daahlings but as Mark Zuckeberg
says, if you’re going to eat it then you should be prepared to kill it first.
How often have I sat behind a truck if pigs off to their demise and seriously
thought about this one!
as its Sunday I thought we would make some scones for tea dears, no live stock!
Monica our gorgeous boss says that her Mum makes the best scones (I have yet to
try) and for me the best scones I have eaten were at Gidleigh Park as they were
light and fluffy, very different from the traditional scone!
of course are the main component for afternoon teas delicious served with
butter or jam and clotted cream, of course whether you put the jam or cream on
the scone first is really up to you!
is my recipe which is easy to make and perfect for your afternoon tea!
You will need:
g               Bread Flour
g               Icing Sugar
g               Butter
g                 Baking Powder
Pinch               Salt
225 ml             Milk


1)      Sieve
the flower, icing sugar, baking powder and salt in to a bowl.

2)      Add
butter and with the dough attachment or by hand mix till resembles bread crumbs

3)      Add
the milk and mix just until a dough is formed (if it looks dry then add a
little more milk) then turn the mixture out on to a floured surface and work
with your hands till a you have a nice smooth dough
4)      Roll
out the mixture till approx 1” (2.5cm) thick

5)      Using
a cutter of your choice, cut the scones and place on a greased baking tray
bottom side up

6)      Leave
to rest for 15-20 minutes

7)      Brush
with egg or milk

8)      Bake
at 200̊ c for 10 minutes or until the bottom of the scones are a light brown
colour. Don’t overcook them.
9)      Leave
to cool

10)  Enjoy!
Happy Baking!
Till Next Week Daahlings……
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  1. The scones are yummy! Thank you for the recipe! =)

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