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Best Wine and Food Social Events in Kuala Lumpur

There sure are a lot of foodies and ‘drinkies’ here in Kuala Lumpur, and some smart businesses are supplying them with a delicious range of opportunities to socialise and learn a little more about their chosen poison over drinks and food.  Here’s The Yum List’s pick of the:

 Gourmet Mix and Mingles – Best Wine and Food Events for Socialising in Kuala Lumpur

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Apericena – Neroteca

wasting tasting, antipasto
Apericena, Neroteca

Incredibly good value at just over RM70 for five wines and a free flow of delicious Italian antipasto. Tuesday evening once a month.

Sips and Bites – Bottega Mediterranea

wine and food kuala lumpur
Sips and Bites, Bottega Mediterranea
At just over RM100 guests get to sip on four different wines accompanied by a never-ending supply of cold cuts, cheeses, antipasto and Italian dishes such as pasta, risotto and seared beef hot out of the kitchen. Monthly on a Saturday afternoon.


Uncorked – Drift Dining and Bar

wine and food kl
Uncorked, Drift Dining and Bar
You can’t beat the lively crowd that gathers here for a taste of five different wines and some small plates at around RM100 per person. Once a month.


Wine “Dating” – Villa Danieli

wine and food kuala lumpur
Wine Dating, Villa Danieli
You’ve heard of blind dating, computer dating and speed dating, but what about wine dating? Wine Dating, a new wine tasting event at Villa Danieli, is all about getting together with friends to try new wines. It’s the perfect (proverbial) one-night stand for those looking to learn more about wine and who knows – you might even find a new true love for your taste buds!  RM220 nett per person, once a month.
mix and mingle wine events KL
Wine Talk and Gastrodome

Mediterranean tapas, a diverse selection of wines, a crowd that could compete with that of a rock concert in numbers (well maybe not quite), and excellent discounts on wines you might like to take home. RM90 is purchased a week in advance. Happens every two months.

Do you know of any fun wine and food events in Kuala Lumpur? Leave a comment below if you do.
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  1. Wine dating sounds interesting and fun to be with friends who love to taste wine and get together. Merry Christmas and Happy weekend!

  2. Blind dating? Rings a bell… maybe i need to try one 😛

  3. Good food, good atmosphere, good wine, good company. It doesn’t get any better than that. 🙂

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