Month: November 2017

BE Urban Wellness, Damansara

BE Urban Wellness, Comprehensive Spa & Fitness

Monica Tindall The festive season is upon us and while we want to look our best for the almost daily celebrations and get-togethers, it’s easy to let the fitness and beauty routine slide. Lucky for us, however, BE Urban Wellness offers a complete package to rejuven…

W1 Dining and Cocktails, Bangsar

Danny Thompson, W1 Dining & Cocktails, Bangsar

What do you do and how did you get into the industry? Hello! I’m the operating director of W1 in Bangsar. Not operating like a doctor, I’m more like looking after f&b operations. I started young, around 14 years old, back in London. I used to wash the dishes in my […]

Skillet @ 163, Fraser Place

Skillet @ 163, Fraser’s Place, New Menu

Words: Heather Onderick   Photos: Monica Tindall Walking into the breezy light space of Skillet @ 163 always energizes me.  I can see the chefs working like clock gears in the kitchen. Each action is precise and affects another action; working in harmony they n…