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New Restaurant Openings KL 2018 – Top Seven

As we count down the final few days of 2018 I count up my blessings looking back over the year to note some of the highlights. 2018 has seen a flurry of new restaurant openings, especially towards the second half of the year. From fine dining to casual, local to exotic, experienced international chefs to new hands on the scene, here I list what I consider to be the:

Top Seven New Restaurant Openings KL 2018

(Click on the title links for full details on each restaurant, including menu, prices, more photos, location and reasons why we recommend you visit.)

OpenHouse – fine Malaysian cuisine that is plated beautifully with a stunning setting to match. This is must-visit for both first-timers and old-hats to KL to experience at least once.

OpenHouse KLCC Malaysian Restaurant
New Restaurant Openings KL 2018 – OpenHouse KLCC

Joloko – This restaurant nails the trio of excellent food, ambience and bar. Afro Carribean menu with a speciality Mezcal bar and hip environment.

Joloko KL Menu Price Review
New Restaurant Openings KL 2018 – Joloko

Bref – Chef Darren Chin’s (of DC Restaurant fame) casual dining opening. Features rustic food, sharing plates and an excellent boutique wine menu.

Bref by Darren Chin, TTDI
New Restaurant Openings KL 2018 – Bref

Flock – contemporary Australian cuisine with a focus on local artisanal producers all in an uber-hip setting. Do not leave without trying their local cheese selection.

Flock W Kuala Lumpur
New Restaurant Openings KL 2018 – Flock

Lisette’s Café and Bakery – pretty, rustic cafe setting with a fantastic veggie and baked goods menu. On the weekends go early to avoid the crowds. Bring your camera too – it’s super Instaworthy.

Lisette’s Café and Bakery
New Restaurant Openings KL 2018 – Lisette’s Café and Bakery

Chez Gaston – affordable French bistro-style cuisine in a friendly setting. Tucked away in a side street of Bangsar this restaurant is worth the search.

Chez Gaston Menu Bangsar French Restaurant KL
New Restaurant Openings KL 2018 – Chez Gaston

Wurst KL – possibly the most fun entrance in the city (see below) but laughs (and screams) aside, it is backed up with excellent food – focussing on handmade sausages and just about everything else made from scratch.

Congrats to these new restaurant openings KL 2018. May they do as equally well in 2019!

What were your greatest finds for 2018? What new restaurants would you like to see open up in the year ahead?


  1. I’ve yet to make myself to any of these restaurant, a good list to refer to when I feel adventurous.

  2. Real like the angle the first photo.
    Coffee is on

  3. Yesterday I saw 2 new restaurant in my area. Waiting to test out these restaurant.

  4. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. I have not been to any of them yet. Perhaps my new year’s resolution is to visit more new restaurant! Happy New Year!

  6. He he… Please find us more fun places to eat like Wurst for us!
    Happy New Year!
    Another yummy year for us all.

  7. Great review on these top seven! I love that overhead view of the first photo!
    May you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  8. Open House …a little diamond in the heart of the City. Very Very high recommend.
    In this 2019 l will try the rest of the list.

  9. I love that slide, it looks like a lot of fun 🙂

    Happy New Year to you.

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